How to glow like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Hello beauties,

Every single year, we have the chance to watch the Victoria Secret Angels doing their catwalk with amazing outfits (yes, it´s underwear but fancy underwear, LOL).

Don´t you always think ‘how can they have that amazing body’?!

Well, we went under a deep search to find their little secrets.

Of course, their alimentation and regime is an essential part but we are going to discuss now, their secret to the glow and tan body. And maybe we can use that tricks now in winter time.

There are two options of getting that Victoria Secret Angel´s glow, with self-tanners and with temporary tanners.

Let me explain
There are self-tanners that you use at least once a week and keeps you tanned all year, and then there are the temporary tanners as I call them. That are the glow oils that make you tanner just for a day or for that special occasion.

Let´s talk about Self-Tanners…

Self-Taner is the secret to have a tan all year, without doing solarium, because that is not a good solution for your skin, with long-term use, it can cause cancer, and make your skin older with time. And I think that is not something that you want and especially a Victoria Secret Angel.
So what they use instead is Self- Tanners.
There are a lot of Self-Tanners on the market.
The one that we tried was from Comodynes.
Comodynes is a well know brand in Wipe-offs and of course in Tanners.

Comodynes Self-Tanning Natural & Uniform Body Color

The Comodynes Self-Tanning natural & uniform mousse is a body self-tanner mousse that helps get a natural uniform tan, in a quick way. The Victoria Secret angels never look bad on the tanning part, it´s always natural and that is what you achieve with Comodynes.

The Comodynes mousse also hydrates, reaffirm and prevents dehydration of the skin, which is perfect, especially at winter that is when our skin is the most drier.

It also is suitable for sensitive skin because doesn´t contain parabens, perfume, oil, and solar filter.
A bonus is that you can also use it in summer because it stimulates and intensifies your own bronze.

The main ingredients are:

  • Butylene glycol- hydration
  • Sorbitol – hydration
  • DHA plus – tan property
  • Eritrucolose – tan property

In 3 hours you have the Glow of a Victoria Secret Angel´s.

Now let’s talk about Temporary tanners…

The Temporary tanners are to be used on a day of a special event (the Victoria Secret show) or for us, common people, to a Christmas party, wedding, etc..
Like the Self Tanners, there are a lot of brands, we pick two to talk about.
If you don’t like or want to these types of products, or if you only want a one day type of glow, then you can opt for oils or body butter that can give you some glow to your skin.

The first example that I have to talk about, is a well-known brand – Sol de Janeiro.
Sol de Janeiro Glow Oil Copacabana bronze is one of two glow oils that Sol de Janeiro has in their collection.

Sol de Janeiro Copacabana Bronze Glow Oil

Brazilian beauty is natural, not overdone. It’s all about enhancing what you’ve got. That’s why our Glow Oils have just the right amount of shimmer, so you can accentuate your delicious curves and highlight your favorite features. Love it, Flaunt it, You’ve got it!

The Glow oil Copacabana is a dry, non-sticky glow oil that makes your skin more radiant, and enhances the tan that you already have.

It comes with the right amount of shimmer, just to enhance your curves and highlit your feature not making you look like a disco ball, and with a bonus of letting your skin smelling so good with their signature essence “Cheirosa 62”  Bum Bum cream fragrance, that has some traces of pistachio and salted caramel.
This glow oil doesn´t just have bronze properties, it also gives you a instant hydration with a dewy finish, because of some ingredients like Acaí oil, coconut oil, and Cupaçu butter.
In the runway, we have some Brazilian Angels and I´m sure they  use this product.

The second example that I have to show you is Bouddi Body Glow.
Bouddi is a natural Australian brand that we recently got in touch with.
We already did a post about some of their products that you can read here, and now it´s the right time to talk about the Bouddi Body Glow.
Let us upgrade you – a little glow and shine to keep you looking fine!

Bouddi Body Glow

Bouddi’s Body Glow is almost as a butter that you can use as a bronzer and a highlighter to enhance your body glow.

It´s perfect for a quick fix, to fake a tan for a special occasion, like the Victoria Secret Show, while it is hydrating your skin. Is a fragrance- free but it smells delicious because of the cocoa butter and coconut oil that is on the formulation.

Bouddi is a natural brand so I can guarantee you that is Body glow is formulated without parabens, sulfates or dry alcohols. Also, the packaging is recyclable and vegan-friendly. So proud of your Bouddi.

Now you can rewatch the Victoria Secret Show that went live yesterday on December 2.

What’s your favorite way to keep your bronze all year?

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One thought on “How to glow like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

  1. Victoria’s Secret Angels are some of the most beautiful and respected models in the entire industry. But being an Angel is not all catwalks and couture – Angels work very hard to maintain and improve their skin, hair and bodies. Thankfully, they’re always willing to share some of their tips and tricks.


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