I’m From | Mugwort Mask REVIEW

Hello beauties,

Today we are going to talk about the Mugwort Mask from the korean brand I’m From. This is the first time that I tried a product from this brand that I always hear about (only good things)! So saying that I was excited to try this mask, is little…

I received a pack of three Mugwort Masks from the Wishtred affiliate company to commemorate their Vegan friendly week here.

So, it’s not surprise when I say that this mask is 100% vegan, that means, this product does not contain any animal-derived ingredient.

The Mugwort Mask is indicated for: * Healing; * Calming; *Irritated skin; *Troubled skin.

‘The I’m from Mugwort Mask is a wash off mask to calm and soothe the skin. Containing 2.1% of mugwort, full of vitamins and minerals, it quickly soothes irritation and redness while having a cooling and calming effect’.


The cooling effect is derived from the mugwort powder that regulate the heat of the skin as soon as it touches the skin.

But what is the Mughworth?

Mugworth is a Korean natural herb, widely known for treatments and detoxing effect. Mugworts are called ‘tea tree’ in Korea for its soothing and cleansing effect. Korean native herb Mugwort holds a unique scent of Chineol containing vitamins, minerals, and tannins.


After face wash, apply the mask to the entire face, avoiding eye area. Gently rinse off after 5-10 minutes. Apply a thick layer of the mask on areas with acne or inflammation.

Mugwort Mask

The mask is a brown gel mask and suspended in the jelly are tons of the mugwort bits and pieces of the ground up leaves.

I like the fact that it is not harsh on the skin, but soft. The scent is not strong, on the contray. 

I also like how it spreads easily on my skin and the cooling effect  this mask provides (it feels like menthol on the skin). It also soothes the skin and I did feel some of my blemishes less inflammated.

Final thoughts

Is this my favorite mask? No, it’s not. But is does is job on calming irritated skin and the cooling effect is EVERYTHING! The first time that I used it, although I felt my skin cooled, I also did felt my skin’s texture worst but the second time I didn’t felt that, but smoother and less irritated skin.

I think that I will love this mask in the Summer because how this cools the skin.

You can buy it on Wishtrend’s website here, for $26.25 (inicial price; $35.00 ~25% discount)

Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite I’m From product, so I can try it.

(note: this is not an add, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links)

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