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Hello beauties,

A few months ago, we had the pleasure to receive some products from Monn Organic In Me. Because we are two, we decided to split the products. While Rita got the full-size Restorative Serum and the Soap, I got the Bright Mood Cream and the travel size of the Restorative Serum.

If you are curious you can read what Rita’s thought about the product that she tried. here

When I saw the products I was really excited, especially with the Monn’s Bright Mood Whipped Cream because one of the best creams that I have is the Olehenriksen Brightening Cream (click here to see the full review) and I thought ‘Could this be a dupe?

Because of that, that was the first product that I tried and my first impression was not the best.


Because I hated the smell. I thought, How am I going to review a product and know it if is good or not if I hate the scent and I can´t put it on my face?

For me, it smells exactly like an old lady perfume. I say sorry to who likes that type of scent but I can’t stand it.

So now you are thinking, so how I tried it? Well, I did the full skincare. I used their serum before the cream.

I  applied the serum and then the cream and both scents conjugated, are not that bad. Still, not my favorite scent but good enough, so I can use them.

The main reason why I decided once and for all to use this routine, was the fact that I only took this routine with me when I went to Budapest. So, I didn´t have a choice.

Monn, like we said in a previews post is a 100% natural brand, 100% handcrafted, and I really enjoy that. I´m more and more into natural skincare. 

I have been using this routine in the morning for more than a month, and I can say that I´m really happy that I gave it a shot. I’m really happy with my current skincare routine, and Monn products are a big part of that.

My skin has been great, my breakouts are less proponents, even the ones that I used to have in the chin. My skin as a natural glow and I’m sure that is because of the Monn Organic in me restorative serum and the Monn organic in me bright mood whipped cream. 

The Restorative serum …

We already talked about this serum in our first post, here. But this serum is composed of many natural ingredients like grape seed, argan but the main ones are 9 superior organic botanical oils and essentials, that are anti-oxidant, reparative and nourish the face. 

This as an oily texture that can be used on the face and eyes or if you want you can mix with the cream to amplify the booster. 

This serum can be used to help in the lack of firmness, uneven tone, dryness and cell renew.

Monn Organic in me Bright mood whipped cream…

This cream is great for all skin types , especially for dry skin.

It can be used in the face and body as nourishing. It also hydrates, softens, and plumps the skin. After applying this cream, you can see a glowing clean finish, that is really beautiful. 

The main ingredients of this cream are:

  • kokum butter: healing and anti-aging properties
  • Organic aloe water: prevent blemish and dull skin
  • lavender hydrosol:  sooth and hydration
  • Helichrysum extract: youth preventing.

You can see by the list of ingredients that this is a complete cream that acts in all the main concerns areas that we have.

The scent comes from all that ingredients, so there is nothing that Monn can do because the cream is so good that change it would be a crime. So what I need to do is handle it and use perfume after it. LOL

Final Thoughts

I’m really impressed by the effectiveness of these products. Monn research is making progress and with good results. This post is an excellent proof that we can´t “evaluate a book by its cover” because if I didn´t give it another try just because of the scent, I wouldn´t have known how amazing this is. 

What do you think? Have you always try a second time a product and love it?

(note: this is not an add, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links)

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