Hello beauties!

One more year has passed, and it was in the blink of an eye, don’t you think?

We love to see what others receive from Christmas, so we though on showing you some of our presents that we loved so much to receive.

Without more further due, let’s start…


This year I think was one of the first that I didn’t ask for anything especially. Each time someone asked me what I wanted, I just said: “well give me some warm socks”. And my family listened to what I said and gave me socks to warm my feet.

I also received some utilities…

Everyone that knows me, knows that I love coffee especially from Nespresso.

I don’t think that you know this product that I received, but is such a cool and original present that my advice is if you see this store, go inside. The store is beautiful.

Mundo Fantastico das Conservas Portuguesas

On clothes and accessories…

I received some really cool stuff from a brand that I love, that is Guess.

Guess bag and Shirt

From Guess, I bought one gift from me to me, and that was this pair of boots.

Continuing on the white stuff, I received this Zara jacket

Still on the wearable products, I also received these Ugg boots that I wanted for so long

Everyone knows that I love to travel so this Woman Secrets bag is perfect and really cute

I think that my favorite present this year is related to Travel and music, two of my favorite things, and that is a ticket to see for the first time Pink in Berlin. HOW AMAZING IS THAT, RIGHT?!

Now about the beauty category…

Pixi is one of my favorite brands as you know it, especially their Glow Tonic.

Also received some good things from Boticario

Body Shop

And Douglas

The last gift was something that I also received last year, but I ended it so I’m glad that I received again. I’m talking about the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume.


I love my 2018 Christmas presents! Unlike Joana, I made some requests, but all of them were books. I love books, especially good novels, and my family asked me the names of the authors I wanted to receive. The choice was easy and quick!


 I also receive a cool white photo hanging frame, which will look perfect in my room.


About beauty, I received a set of Mega Shiny lipglosses, the L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara, the Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Palette (Joana’s courtesy, thank you!), the Too Faced lipstick ‘Sex in the Peach’ (from my beloved collection peaches & cream) and a perfume that I really wanted: Narciso Rodrigues for her.




Then I received two cute and warm sweaters, both with colors that I’ve been loving this winter! I also received a Massimo Dutti scarf.



I also received a wallet. I was really needing one and fortunately, my family listened to my complains about my other wallet.


At last but not least, I received Money, Money, Money…I can’t complain!


Let us know in the comments what was your favorite Christmas present that you received this year (if you want you can tell us what was your favorite present of all times), we would love to know!

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