PERFUMES | Sample Declutter

Hello beauties,

Last time I wrote about my favorite perfumes and today I will show you my perfume sample collection. Recently I made a declutter because I had an entire drawer full of perfume samples.


I gave, a bag full of samples that I had repeated and some that I didn’t like to my family and friends but most went to my grandmother (she really loves perfumes).

I left the ones that I really like. Perfume samples are great to be on our daily bag, if you rushed and forgot to use perfume or even if you need a touch-up, then you know that you always have your safe sample on the bag.

It’s also great to get to know a perfume. Sometimes a perfume can smell great on your friend’s skin but on you the smell is different (why? because of the difference on the skin’s pH), this way you can try the perfume and see during the day how the scent will perform on your skin.

With no more delay, this is what I end up with…


  • [Dior] Joy
  • [Mugler] Alien
  • [Paco Rabanne] Olympéa
  • [Paco Rabanne] Lady Million Lucky
  • [Carven] L’Absolu
  • [Giorgio Armani] Sì
  • Halloween
  • [Givenchy] L’Interdit


  • [Nina Richi] Luna
  • [Nina Richi] Nina
  • [Zadig & Voltaire] Just Rock!
  • [Zadig & Voltaire] Girls Can Do Anything
  • [Narciso Rodrigues] Narciso
  • [Narciso Rodrigues] For Her

I love all of them but I have a special place for the For her (Narciso Rodrigues), Girls can do anything (Zadig & Voltaire), the classic Alien (Mugler) and the new L’Interdit (Givenchy).

Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite perfume.

(note: this is not an add, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links)


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