Tips to a perfect skin

Hello beauties,

I think everyone want to achieve a ‘perfect’ skin, that one without imperfections, like a Barbie, right?

Well, we have good and bad news to you: some people have perfect skin just because genetic, and other people can have some problems with it. But don’t worry, there’re some tips that we think that are really important and make a lot of difference if you want to achieve a ‘perfect’ skin.

Some of them, you are going to think, “OMG, that is so basic, we already know that”. But do you do that, that you say is basic? I think sometimes is better to be remembered one more time, don’t you think?

Let’s start, shall we?!

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I know it is extremely difficult to do, because each time we see a pimple, especially with a white head or a black head, the first thing that we want to do is to put our fingers on it. That will cause inflammation and make it worse. So try not to squizz it.

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It’s essential to clean your face at night to remove all the makeup and impurities that we gain through the day but also at morning, because through the night our skin gain oils and we sweat, so is really important.

  1. After exercise, it’s also important to clean your skin because all of the sweat and oils can clog the pores. And there’s the trick, you also should not over wash, because removing all the skin oils can make your skin very dry and also break out. Use micellar water or just pass through water.
  2. Don’t use hot water! You always should use tempered water or cold water. Hot water will make your skin more drier and it’s the worst for wrikles (remembre that what you do today, will been seen in the future).


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You need to listen to your skin and see what is your true skin type. Dry skin needs a type of cleanser and the oily ones another. You can see here a post with more details about the right cleanser.


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Don’t rush the cleansing routine. Wash your face for 30 to 45 seconds! It takes time to the cleaner to do is job, especially if you are using a cleanser with salicylic or another ingredient to help with the pores. A cleanser passes through the pores and takes the impurities from inside, but for that it needs time. Give it a little time before you say that the cleanser that you are using is not doing anything!


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The name says it all. You need to exfoliate your skin once a week. Once is on bold because you should not over exfoliate your skin, once a week is enough. You also need to use the right type of exfoliating product. If you have questions about it, check our post about types of exfoliation, here.


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This is making a huge difference in my skin. Since I’m doing a day without makeup my skin improved so much. It’s important to let the skin breathe, that will help with the clogged pores and breakouts.


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It’s a step that you can’t forget. We already said that a million times in this blog but people with oily skin also needs hydration! Don’t worry it won’t make it worse. Our skin produced nature oils, so if you are not moisturizing your face, the skin will produce even more oils to balance the skin, result: na even more oilier skin!

All types of skin need moisture! What you should do is to pick a moisture cream indicated for your skin type. Oily skin normally do best with a gel/cream and dry/normal skins more with a rich cream.


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Drink at least 1,5 litres of water per day and you will see a huge difference in your skin. In general not only in the face but on all of your body. The skin will be less uneven, you will see a natural glow, more elasticity and less breakouts. Like the tip number 7, you will see that dehydration will make our skin produce more oils.


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Clean your brushes at least once a month, but that will depend if you use heavy makeup or not. Here are some techniques to clean the brushes on an effective and quick way. Our brushes can produce bacterias and fungus that will go directly to the skin and make breakouts.


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Sometimes you are distracted and you touch your skin after a long day of work (or after public transport). Your hand can be full of bacterias and impurities! Touching your skin with your hands dirty can be the best way to spread bacterias on your skin. It also can make your skin oilier.


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The sun can damage the skin, making it appear older. Dark spots and wrinkles can be avoided with a good sunscreen. So use every single day, even in indoor and winter days!


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Currently, pollution is becoming so bad that our skin also notices that and can be damaged. The use of an Anti-pollution cream or serum is really important, to keep your skin away from the free radicals and external agents.


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This an old and good tip. Exercise is good for our body and directly to the skin! It makes  our skin produce good things, making it glowing and healthy.


Well, these are our tips for the perfect skin! Do you have others that want to share?!




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