Monday Mask – Ritual Namasté Glow Mask

Hello beauties,

I should be writing this post in a hotel room. Why?! Because the package of the Ritual Namaste Glow mask is so luxurious that should be pictured in a white Marble bathroom of a luxurious hotel.

Putting that, I did my best to show that on the pictures, but I don’t think it made justice.


I was so eager to try this mask because 1) if you follow this blog for a while, you know that I usually love everything that has the word Glow on it, and 2) because Rituals is a brand that I love.

The collection Ritual of Namasté is an advance face collection that shows respect for nature. All the products are made with natural ingredients or derivings.

The Ritual Namasté is not formulated with:

  • parabens
  • mineral oils
  • silicon
  • plastic
  • others prejudicial substances

The main function of this collection is to reveal the natural beauty of our skin.

The Ritual Namasté Glow mask is made with:

  • natural AHA
    • cellular renovation
    • glow and luminosity skin
    • exfoliate
  • Sacred lotus
    • calm the skin
    • smooth the skin
  • Saffron flower
    • luminosity


Mode of application

The mask itself has a peachy color that transforms into the skin.

  1. After clean the skin, apply in a dry face the mask;
  2. massage for a few seconds; – you will see it turn white
  3. leave it for 15-10 minutes;ys7il17xrwmhgelq%nstjq
  4. put water in the face;
  5. massage again the mask in the skin;
  6. remove with warm water.


First, I think that this mask is worth just for the package,m. It’s a great piece to have in your bathroom or bedroom as a decoration. But this should be the least important thing when you buy skincare products!!

When we buy a mask, we want it to work. So I have good news for you. The Ritual Namasté Glow mask is a 2 in 1: Pretty and also Effective.

It’s easy to apply and shows results right in the first use.

When you take off the mask, your skin is clean, glowy and irradiates health and luminosity.


You can buy it for 29,5€ (price in Portugal) and it brings 50mL (which is a considerable amount of product, for a mask)!



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