TONY MOLY Cat’s Purrfect Night Mask #mondaymask

Hello beauties,

Today we are going to talk about a different type of mask that we are used too.

Why?! I will explain to you later in this post.

Tony Moly is a South Korean brand created in 2006 that has been taking the world of cosmetic by a storm. We, here in the BeautyWorkers blog have been loving to try products from this brand.

Cat’s Purrfect Night Mask belongs to a collection of 3 products: the illuminating eye contour stick, the moisturizing day cream, and our mask, that is also called the moisturizing night mask.

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First, let’s talk about the package. How cute it is?! right?! I absolutely love it, it’s so cute and purrfect (see the pun?). It calls immediately the attention, and that’s a good strategy for the brand.

The main ingredient of this mask is silk, that in the form of amino acid help the skin to not spoil and be softer.


The function of this night mask is to give moisture to the skin, making it soften, plumped and healthy.

Now the difference in this mask for the others that we are used too is the application. This mask is a night cream, as the name says but it didn’t replace our night skincare routine. In resume, you apply all your creams and serums and etc and after it, you apply the mask and leave it through the night.

My opinion…

Without more delays, let’s just say that I love this mask. The perfect winter mask for my type of skin. I have normal to dry skin, and now in winter, it’s a little dryer than usual. The first time that I applied this mask I saw an immediate difference in my skin. The dry patches were no longer visible, my skin was glowing in a healthy way and I even saw the face plumper.


I think I found the perfect mask for the winter months and also for my travels. It has just pros.

It’s perfect if you are lazy and don’t like to wash masks off if you don’t have time to wait X minutes because it works while you sleep. Easy and the best is that you don’t need to change the night routine. It’s also effective in a long and short time because the effects are still visible throughout the days.

The only con that I see in this mask, is that if you have really oily skin, I’m not sure if it will be too much. But I still encourage you to try it, if you have the chace.

If you are interested, let me tell you that you can find it on Sephora and it will cost you 16,95€ and brings 50mL.


I hope you liked this review and comment down below what’s your favorite leave on mask.


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).


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