Sultry by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hello beauties,

Unless you are under a rock, you probably read the word Sultry and immediately associate Anastasia Beverly Hills, 80% of the people that tried it, love it and the rest that didn’t try it wants to try and have a lot of curiosity if it’s good or has a lot of fallout like its sister (everyone knows the one I’m talking about, right?).

Sultry by ABH was released at the end of 2018, and I was so eager to try it. I have been using it for a while and I’m finally ready to tell you what I think of it and not just a first impression.

First, the stunning package that calls attention. It comes in a browny orange-bronze color with a lot of glitters. On contrary with the rest of the ABH palettes, this one is not in velvet, which I like because it’s not so easy to get dirty.

The colors in the palette are beautiful and perfect for a smoky eye and not just that. It brings 14 shades featuring neutral and cool tones both in matte and metallics.


All the eyeshadows have a little fall-out but more in the palette than in the eye so it will stay all day. The fall-out for me is not a problem, when we buy an ABH palette we already know that will happen. The shadows are more for the powdery side, so that is why it happens.


I really like Sultry’s shadows, I find every single one beautiful. You can make an everyday look with the Sultry palette, but also a really pigmented and smoky look. The colors that I use the least are ‘bloom’ and ‘slate’, just because they’re not my usual colors, but they are still beautiful. Bloom is a peachy rose almost coral, that is a huge tendency this year and I think I will be using it more in Spring/Summer. Slate it’s a grey/brown shade that just not my cup of tea (but I still find it pretty).

The colors that I use more are Fresh all over the lead to create a base. To give dimension I usually use Birch and Twig in the crease and more in the out corner of the eye and to give a pop of color I use the metallic Pearl (my favorite) or Rose Quartz in an everyday look. To a night out, I usually go more to the Steampunk, Teak or Cyborg. I usually decide, looking for the clothes I will be wearing or the color of the lipstick.

I need to talk about what I think is the best color in this palette: Noir. In my opinion, is the BEST BLACK SHADOW that I ever tried. It is even better than some eyeliners. I can use it in the upper lash and in the lower lash and in the lacrimal corner that it will not smudge or disappear. It’s really black and matte. I LOVE IT.


I really recommend this palette, it’s not cheap but if you like this type of shadows and colors I guarantee that it’s a good investment.

The Sultry Palette retails for $45 and you can buy here.


(note- this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link)


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