Hello beauties,

This past week I bought some goodies from Zara Online. There are some crazy online websites but Zara is a place that we can ‘trust’. First, it’s a well-known brand and second, they are not new, they know what they are doing!

Sometimes you can waste a lot of money when buying clothes online, it can be a bit overwhelming and it’s easy to end with a cart full of things that you don’t need. But don’t worry, we can always return what we don’t like.

It’s been a while since I bought on Zara Online and I was a little afraid that some things may change or it wasn’t as good as I remember! But spoiler alert: it was a good experience, everything came well packaged and nothing had flaws.

With no more delay, let me show you what I bought…




My order came in two different boxes because the products that I chose were in two different warehouses.


First, I bought two different bags, one is a shopping bag and the other is a belt bag. It took me ages to buy a bag like these but I’ve seen so many people using it and I really like to see it. Let’s hope that I like on me…




17,95€ (Size S)

Then I bought a blue top that I LOVE, really love! I saw this top on a Turkish tv show and the actress was using it with white pants…I fell in love! I have the perfect high waist paints to use with it and it was such a surprise when I saw this top on Zara’s website. I had to buy it (at least I keep telling this to myself). The material looks a little too warm but I can be wrong. Right now we are still with cold temperatures so I can make a test. But I’m hoping I’m wrong!



15,95€ (Size S)

I bought this blouse thinking it was white but surprise…is not! It is in the middle of a beige and dirty/old white. I can’t find the word to describe the color of this blouse. But I like how this look on my body, I really do. The material is really fresh and I like it.



17,95€ (Size S)

Another blouse with a tie on the waist, I know! I really like to see me with this style of blouses. This one has a slightly longer sleeve and I’m not entirely happy with the color but I hope that I can style it with a good pair of jeans and some shoes, maybe then I will like it more. When I saw this product I didn’t like the material but after some minutes with it on my body I think that I don’t mind, it looks fresh, let’s see how it will perform in a warm day.



12,95€ (Size S)

Last but not least, I bought this ‘green’ blouse. This and the top are my favorite products. This one is made with really good material and it dresses like a glove. It will look amazing with jeans for a casual look or with some high waist pants.


Good & Bad Zara Online Shopping:

  • The clothes arrived quickly (2 days after payment).
  • Everything came well packaged (one word to describe: luxury).
  • None of the products came with flaws.
  • The materials are really good
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • I don’t like the photos that are on the website, the models don’t sell the clothes at all (for example, I’m seeing a page about a blouse and there are two pictures focusing the model’s makeup, what the…??)

Overall, I think that for now the material/quality/price is well done but I think that as the years went by the price is increasing on Zara’s products.

(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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