Pixi – Eye Reflection Shadow Palettes

Hello beauties,

Today we bring you the review of a new Pixi launch – the Eye Reflection Shadow Palettes. They came to celebrate the love, the Pixi love especially for all of us.

Pixi sent us two palettes in a beautiful box (something that Pixi already gets us used to it). The set also brings three eye brushes along with two different palettes, the Natural Beauty and the Reflex Light, that can be used separately or together to create a million of different looks.

These two palettes came to join a third one that already existed.


Each palette brings 12 different colors, with different finishes and warm and cold tones.

The Natural Beauty palette brings mattes, creamy glow shades, and 3D metallics.

Pixi Natural Beauty




The Reflex Light it’s all about glitter. It brings 12 metallics shades that will be helpful to create that 3D looks with dimension.

Pixi Reflex Light
Reflex Light Swatches



First the package. It’s a simple package that you can see through the transparency of all the colors, which is good. The only downside in these palettes is the absence of a mirror.

Each one of the palettes brings 16.5g of shadows, which is a good amount of eyeshadow especially if we see the price of them. By the way, you can buy these palettes for $24.00.

The shadows are creamy with little fallout, which I like. I never tried a texture as this one in any palette that I own. To the touch they are velvety. The mattes could be more pigmented, but you can build them beautifully and achieve a nice pigmented color. The metallics are superb on the pigmentation. When I was doing the swatches, all the shadows with time look like will start to fade away but when in the eyes, they stay all day, so I’m really pleased.

This already happened with some of my palettes. The swatches look terrible but then on the eyes, the pay off is incredible.

Overall they are really good palettes that will give many possible looks. They are a great acquisition for the Reflection line, that I’m sure will have a lot of use in my possession.


What do you think of this new release of Pixi, are you excited to try them?



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