Hello beauties,

I lost my head and my wallet on this sales. My plan was to try and raise money for a good vacation but now I have to sell a kidney or something. I don’t know if this happens to you too, but every time that I don’t want to spend money is when I see things that I like.

But not everything was a lost cause because I took this sale as an opportunity to buy some things that are timeless and are always missing in a wardrobe.

Today I’m only going to talk about what I bought on physical stores (which was the less of all the shopping), because I bought a lot of things online (check Zara Post, here) and I also opened my wallet and bought some makeup (as I needed more), but in my defense everything was 20% off.


These are the clothes that I never feel bad to buy. I can’t have enough jeans, so when I saw these at 60% off, I had to buy two pairs! They are great for Spring/Summer and I can’t wait to wear them. One is super fun and the other is mom jeans.



This was probably the best deal that I had in my life! I love this jumpsuit, it looks great on my body and it’s so practical




This is something that I love to wear in Summer and I think that I bought one or two every year (yes my collection is big), but I love how practical this is. You just need to throw a body with a pair of jeans and voilá!


Crop Top

I’m not a fan of crop tops, I’m not old but I’m not a little girl, so I never saw the enchantment in this type of clothes, but now I do. I love (and have) a lot of high paints and they look absolutely great with this type of tops. I really liked this one, it will look great with a pair of white paints that I have.



Yes, I bought another high waist pair of paints. I have so many and spoiler alert, I bought more (I’m waiting for my online order) but I’m obsessed with these types of pants. They look so great with almost everything and you can achieve a casual but chic look with them.


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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