BEAUTY CLASS: How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles & Eye Bags

Hello beauties,

If you ask me what’s my biggest problem on my skin, I will answer dark circles! This is a problem that a lot of us have: dark circles, eye bags and even puffiness, and they can give to our face a tired appearance.

These can be frustrating because sometimes, you can make everything right and use the right products and yet you still wake up with dark circles and puffiness. Don’t worry, there are some practices that can help us with these problems, some you may know but others maybe you don’t.

So, start these steps today and tell us in a week if you see differences in your eyes!

Do you know why do you have dark circles or bags under the eyes?

There are many reasons why this can happen, but the main reason is that the skin under the eye is very thin and delicate.

Blue-tinted shadows can appear because of the dilatation of the blood vessels, due to allergies, dehydrated skin, stress, lack of sleep, too many salty snacks and even genetic.


Sunscreen is an essential anti-aging treatment that protects the skin under the eyes. It also helps avoid hyperpigmentation that can change the color of the skin.


I know that we don’t always can have eight hours of sleep but take in consideration that if you don’t get enough sleep, the blood vessels under your eyes can expand, making them more visible through the thin skin.

It’s also about how you sleep: according to dermatologists, the best sleeping position is on your back. Because it prevents fluids from accumulating in the undereye area. Sleeping on your back can also help prevent premature wrinkles by allowing gravity to work on your favor (yes, please!).

But if you only can sleep on your side or stomach, then you must use silk pillowcases, because normal cotton pillowcases can cause friction.


It’s important to determine why do you have dark circles/bags/puffiness so you can use the right products for you!

If your circles are blue: they are likely due to oxygenated blood collecting. these type of colored circles become more common as we age due to the loss of fat and collagen. They are more common in the morning.

So how can you get rid of blue dark circles under eyes? Try sleeping with your head elevated by using an extra pillow. You can also try to apply a cold compress for five minutes in the morning.

If your circles are brown: they may be due to hyperpigmentation (when too much melanin is produced in certain areas on the skin). Normally, you can blame genetic or sun exposure.

If your dark circles are accompanied by puffy bags or deep wrinkles, then the problem is likely because of collagen loss.


Save your coins and invest in a good eye cream and don’t forget to make eye masks every week. There are some ingredients that will help you, so look for certain ingredients in the cream, for example, Vitamin C and Escin.

If the eye cream doesn’t offer enough coverage, then use a concealer!

Now, it’s important to apply everything correctly!

  • Warm between your fingers a small amount of eye cream.
  • Press gently with the pads of your fingers, starting at the inside corners of eyes, working along the eyelids and outward toward temples (follow the natural direction of lymphatic circulation).
  • Sweep upward between eyebrows with the fingertips.



There are plenty of tricks that makeup artists have when working with movie stars, models and even brides. One technique is to brush a light colored, iridescent eyeshadow into the corner of the eye.

Tell us in the comments if there’s any other secret that you know to depuff eyes and defy dark circles.


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