Hello beauties,

Here we are again for a clothing unboxing, and this time we are going to do it about Mango Online! Last time, we did it with Zara, and the experience was very pleasant (click here if you haven’t read it).

Mango’s is a brand well known internationally and the prices are competing with Zara. I took the fact that they were in sales and decided to buy some things (some on sales and others on normal prices).

With no more delays, let me show you what I bought…



I went a little crazy and bought two rompers and I’m so happy with both of them. In my defense, one was on sales and it was a very good deal.

I love the material of both products, as you can see, the prices are a little high but the quality of the material is really good.


Size S – 49,99€ (on sale 12,99€)

The Yellow Romper was literally a shot in the dark, I saw the potential but never thought it would look as good as it looks on me. I can´t wait to use in Summer.


Size S – 39,99€

The Green Romper looks so good, it is a more mature look but in my line of work, it will look great. All I have to do is to ask my grandmother to make the hems a little shorter.


I also bought two blouses (one is for my mother).


Size S – 29,99€

I’m in love with this red/white blouse, it has a arabic pattern and it’s 100% cotton, which is great for the skin.


Size M – 25,99€

The white top has quillings and it’s very flattering with jeans but also with more formal pants. On theory, it is for my mother but something tells me that I will use it a lot!




Size XS – 29,99€ (on sale 9,99€)

This is probably my one hundred pair of blue striped pants, but they were on sales and they’re really pretty, what can I say? They look great on Spring/summer with anything and for everywhere! This pair is a little different from the others that I have (or at least I like to think that! I’m kidding, they are truly a little different).




Size S – 39,99€ (on sale 12,99€)

Do I need more dresses? No! But I bought this one on sales. It was on a reat price and I love the vintage pattern. It reminds me the patterns that my mother and aunt used when they were young. They truly say that everything that they used on 80’s are returning and I believe (I have photos to prove)!

This dress looks great to be used as a dress or you can oppen the bottons and use it as a tunic/coat on top of shorts and a top.


Good & Bad Mango Online Shopping:

  • They accept a lot of ways to pay (visa, paypal but also they cna give you a reference and you can pay by ATM).
  • The clothes look great on models and it’s easy to imagine how they will work on you
  • The shipping costs are nice (2,99€ or free if you spend more than 30€)
  • There’s a number that you can add on WhatsApp where you can take all of your questions (the answer is quick)
  • The deliver is not as good as Zara (it took double of time and one of my orders where missing for one day, I had to call and it took me time and money)
  • I like how some clothes came in hangers and none of the products came with flaws.


Overall, I love all the clothes that I bough and how they look, the material/quality/price is good but I understand why some people think that Mango is a little overpricey. I don’t, you pay for the quality. I took the fact that some products were on sales and let me tell you, I made some good deals.

Would I recommend buying at Mango Online? Yes, I would. Although the delivery was horrible (where my beloved Zara is great), the quality and the clothes are beautiful.


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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