Hello beauties,

As you may know by now I’m in my late 20’s and because of that, one of my main concerns, when it came to skincare, is to prevent wrinkles.

we already talk about the importance of using effective products, but also the importance of using a good SPF! Don’t be fooled by the clouds, the sun is always there and we need protection for our skin every day!

I was looking for a good moisturizer to use daily, after the serum and before makeup, and I’m so happy that I found the SLOW AGE line!



Vichy’s Slow age is indicated for people in their lates 20s-30s because it prevents small lines and it has SPF protection on its composition. It’s not the best protection because it’s 25 but it’s good for a daily basis. Of course if you go to the beach or if you know that you’ll be exposed to the sun a lot of time you have to use a stronger SPF!!



I like how lightweight the formula is! I have combo/oily skin and the moisturizer doesn’t leave my skin oilier! The skin absorbs the product in seconds and you don’t see the white cast that some moisturizer with SPF tends to leave!

The scent/smell of the product can be a good or a bad thing, for me it’s good! I love how the product smells and how long you can feel it! It’s a ‘luxury’ scent that stays a lot of time! Love it!!

If you don’t like scented products, then this is not for you!

I use it every day on top of the serum and I can see that this product does some kind of a blurring effect to the skin! My skin is currently in good shape and if I only used this product in the morning I would be happy!


the eye cream is also good, not so moisturizing as I would love, but good. I normally use it in the morning and in the night I have to use an eye cream a little stronger in terms of moisture. I have really dry under eyes and this cream alone is not enough! I can’t feel any scent, which is good because 1) the eye area is very sensible 2) ingredients with fragrance isn’t good for that area!

Do I see differences? Yes, I do. My skin is balanced, without too much oily and not dehydrated as it was before. The eye area is not bad too! At least I don’t see my fine lines more accentuated and the concealer accents better!


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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