CLARINS PORE CONTROL SERUM| Have I found the solution for big pores?

Hello beauties,

Today I’m going to talk to you about my recent discovery in terms of skincare: the new Clarins’ Pore Control. This is a pore minimizing sérum for those who dream of flawless skin, with a tightened texture so that pores appear almost invisible.


What it does?

  • Visibly tightens the dilated appearance of pores.
  • Visibly smoothes skin texture.
  • Revives skin radiance.

Clarins Innovation

Vine flower cells extract promotes essential firming benefits to help reduce the look of pores.

‘The firmer the pore structure, the less visible the pore. that is why Clarins selected vine flower cell´s extract – a powerful firming ingredient. Why cells? They can be produced in large quantities through a biotech process and, make it possible to obtain the desired plant extract all while protecting the production of this precious flower. This environmental friendly extraction method reflects Clarin’s commitment to preserving biodiversity’.



Use alone or follow with your regular day and/or night moisturizer. Suitable for all skin ages and skin types.



I’m in my lates 20’s and I have combo/oily/dehydrated skin and I can say that I love this serum, it became one of the products that I can’t live with. Why? I see differences on my skin, since the first application.

I like how lightweight the formula is and how instantly provides a blurring effect to minimize the look of pores and even skin texture.

I’m using this serum for a month and I receive a lot of compliments on how good my skin looks. I truly see a difference on the texture and I see a big difference on the pores (a big difference when I apply foundation).

I also noticed that my skin is not so oily, and I can wear a foundation a lot more time without that shine that normally appears after a couple of hours, and I think that’s all because of this serum. Don’t worry, if you have dry/normal skin, this product won’t make your skin drier, but it balances oil production.

I think that this serum is suitable for all skin types, but if you need some kind of balance on your oil production, then I think you will love this serum.

This product has a scent/perfume that I don’t mind, it dissipates after a couple of minutes and it’s not very strong. The packaging is very convenient because it’s in a pump bottle that besides being beautiful, it’s easy to use.

I normally use this in the morning, before the moisturizer and my SPF cream, then I apply my makeup.


Will I repurchase this Serum? Absolutely!

You can buy this serum for $55 (USA), £45 (UK) or €56 (Portugal).



(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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