MY THREE SAFE MASKS | The current masks that I like to use on Sundays

Hello beauties,

As beauty bloggers but mores as beauty lovers, we try a lot of face masks but there are some that we like to can call the ‘safe masks’. These masks are the ones that I know that work for me and that I go back every time!

I have three that I love and know that when I use them, I will see results. Sometimes I use them alone but other times I use all the three by this order.



# Sephora Bubble Mask Detoxifying Oxigention

Do I see drastic results with this mask? No. But I love the feeling of the bubbles formation and the clean/lighweight feel this mask does to my skin.

This is na easy and quick mask (just need to wait 2 minutes) that I do every week and I will buy another one when mine it’s over.


# Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask

If I had to pick my favorite mask, it would be the skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask. This mask is great for my combo skin because it hydrates my skin without leaving it greasy! The secret is that I only leave it 5 minutes in my skin.

It has Black sugar that act like a scrub in your skin and it smells like real honey (maybe because it contains real honey!!) but don’t eat it, please!


# Sephora Peel-off Mask Radiance & Smoothing

I normally finish my ritual with this peel-off mask. First, I love to peel it off my skin and then I like how radiant and smooth my skin is after using this mask! Again, it’s a easy mask and you can do your life easly when you have it on your skin.


These are the three masks that I use once a week (normally on Sundays) and during the week I like to try new ones. Let me know in the comments what are your favorite masks.


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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