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It’s safe to say that when it comes to clothes, Zara is a store that always has something that we like. They have really cute and affordable clothes. In our last Zara post, we talked about our last Zara Online order (check here if you didn’t read it) but this time we went to a real store (well, two stores, but you are counting?) to see the new Spring/Summer.



We are going to show you what we bought and what we still want/dream to buy!

I think that I found the perfect method to shop on Zara – at least for me – and it consists of doing a good study on what’s new online. Trust me, it works! I noticed that if I went to the store with the references on what I’m interested, I make better choices! It can be a little bit overwhelming going to the store without knowing what we are interested, and sometimes, I even think that I didn’t found anything that I liked.


So, this time, I took the time and on the night before, I went to the website and checked all the outfits that I liked. In the end, I bought two skirts that I liked and I only found them after asking the store lady where they were (I would never find them if I didn’t have the reference)…So…pat on the back!

I was in love with a skirt from the last season and unfortunately when I saw it, was already late and it wasn’t available anymore. Fortunately, on this season there’s a skirt with the same design but different pattern, and I don’t mind because it looks really cute on the body! I bought a belt on another store that looks perfect with this skirt. I’m thinking about using it with a black blouse.

Skirt (XS) 25,95€ / Blouse (S) 17,95€

Then I bought another skirt that I saw online, it’s beautiful and I can use it on a more formal look but also if I want a cool/weekend look. I can’t wait to use it, I’m just waiting for more warm weather. There’s a jacked with the same pattern but I didn’t like it on my body, the smallest number looked so big and I didn’t like it.

Skirt (XS)- 19,95€ / Blouse (S) – 17.95€

While I was looking for the skirts (before I went to the store lady and ask by reference), I saw such good clothes that I loved. One of them was this shirt/top, it was a little bit expensive for what it is and the fact that I think it will be too hot for the summer and too cold for now but I have to use it because it looks perfect with both skirts, mainly with the mini skirt.

Blouse (S) 17,95€

Finally, I tried a denim dress that looked so cute. It looked really good on the body but I thought that I was a little bit thick for the summer, so I think that the best way to use it, is in Spring with a crop top inside.

Dress (XS) – 19,95€ / T-shirt (S) – 5,95€

I have other products on my online cart and next time that I go to a Zara store, I have to see if they look good on my body and if I like the material.

For example, I’m very curious about this yellow jacked, I think that with a white top and some jeans, it will look beautiful! Again, I have to try it on a store because it’s a little expensive for a jacket with a color that I know that I will not use every day.

Jacket – 79,95€

I’m in love with this denim dress and I’m really curious to see how it will look on me. I think that I don’t have enough curves to rock it but I still want to see how it looks.

Denim Dress – 29,95€


I also liked two blouses and I even tried the first one, but I found it too heavy for this weather. But it looked pretty cool on the body, so I’m still thinking if I should buy it or not.





Have you seen the new Zara Spring/Summer Collection? Let me know in the comments what are your favorite clothes?



(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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