Too Faced – Funfetti Palette | Let’s give it a second chance!!!

Hello beauties,

I decided to give a chance for an entire week to a palette that I used to ‘hate’. Well, hate is a little harsh, maybe I can say that this was a palette that I didn’t reach frequently. Why? I already talked about this palette on the blog, and if I’m not wrong, it probably was one of our first posts.

I’m talking about the Too Faced Funfetti Palette!


The Funfetti palette brings 12 matte and shimmering hues and is visually beautiful, the packaging is appealing and so cute. When it comes to cute packagings, Too faced rules! They are really smart when it comes to adorably themed makeup!


This palette had everything to be a hit but unfortunately for me is not. The pigmentation is not the best, some colors are very difficult to blend and sometimes the looks can be a total mess.

I know that this is not new (I think it was released in 2016) and lately, brands are increasing their game and palettes are better and better. Today is more difficult to find a palette with no blendable or pigmented hues.

I have to say that one of my favorite palettes is one from Too Faced, the Just Peachy Matte Eyeshadow and I can’t replace it!

But the Funfetti always let me down in the past (and I tried for a long time)! There’s only one color/shade that I reach for time to time and it’s the color funfetti, a pink shimmer that reminds me of the Nars’ Orgasm blush. I like to use this shade alone and it looks absolutely gorgeous, it has some kind of 3D effect and looks like you are using more than just one shade.


The palette has some matte nude colors that I just can’t make it work (they don’t show at all) and the dark tones need so much blend (and product) to look decent.

This is definitely not a palette to use if you don’t like to work to get the blend or if you want to make a complex look.

I decided to use it for a week and give it a second chance and this made me change my mind (at least a little bit). I found that a lot of shades look great when used alone and my conclusion is that this palette can be good if you like to use just one shade on your eyelids. Seriously! And the best way to apply it is with your fingers, the pigmentation turns so much better.

I also found two shades that look good together: after party and girl gang (don’t add nothing more, or it can be a mess).

In the end, and like I said, the pigmentation is not the best, so I wasn’t expecting to end the day with a lot of product. But I have to admit that after a work day, I always ended with a  decent amount of product in my eyes (is important to say that I always used concealer as an eye primer).


Let me know in the comments if you ever gave a second chance to a palette, and did it change your mind?



(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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