Too Faced NEW Lipsticks & My Favorite Too Faced Lipstick

Hello beauties,

Lately, Too Faced is working too fast (no pun intended) because I can’t accompany all their releases! They’ve been busy, that I have to admit.

I’m a Too Faced fan for a long time and the Peach and Cream collection is by now my favorite collection (I can’t talk about the future). I have almost every product from that collection and other than the foundation, I like all the products.

This week I came across Too Faced Instagram page and saw the new products they are releasing, more specifically the lipsticks that caught my entire eye! They look so pretty, so I remembered, to talk to you about my favorite Too Faced lipstick: Sex on the Peach!


Yes, that’s the name! I think hilarious how they can always give such names to their products!!

Sex on the Peach lipstick belongs to the Peachs and Cream collection and it’s a lipstick that I really like to use because of the color and formula.

I have to say that this lipstick has one of the best formulas that I tried on lipsticks. It’s a matte creamy formula but not too much creamy and not too much matte, and it stays on the lips for a lot of time. It has a matt-ish finish that I love!


The color is between mauve and pink that I think will look good on every skin tone.

The packaging is also cute and with really good quality, it can be on your purse and you don’t have to worry because it has some kind of a magnet that makes it safe when closed.


It’s luxurious but a lot heavier than my other lipsticks. I think that I can create some real damage if I throw this to somebody’s head!

I also love the scent of peaches that I feel every time I open the cap! I thought it would fade with time, but no, it’s still strong. The lipstick itself has the image of peaches which is so girly!

Will I buy this again? Yes, it’s a little expensive ($ – €) and heavy to carry on the bag but I love how comfortable this lipstick is and how healthy it keeps my lips.

I leave you with some images of the new Too Faced Peach Puff!!

Instagram @toofaced


Let me know in the comments what is your favorite Too Faced lipstick!



(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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