I found a treasure in my drawer | FENTY BEAUTY Match Stix

Hello beauties,

A few months ago, on my birthday, Sephora offered me a voucher of 30€ (Gold card benefits) to discount on a single product of my choice. Honestly, I did poorly homework because I was not prepared to choose the product. I went to a store near my house and decided to be spontaneous!

At the time, the new Fenty beauty concealers were about to be released and I remember thinking about bringing one to try (some bloggers already praised the product and swear it was the best concealer ever).

Unfortunately, this product was not available in that day, and by some insistence of the shop assistant (who is not influenced from time to time?), I ended up bringing one of the Fenty Beauty Match Stix.


Well, I decided to give it a chance but I remember perfectly at the time I did not like the coverage or the color (to light). It was then forgotten in my drawer of concealers, hidden in the middle of them. I admit that it took me some time to remember that I had this product…

Not long ago, I found it and decided to give it another chance, because I do not like having unused products open. And call me materialistic, but the packaging is beautiful and it’s a crime to be forgotten and in the midst of a hundred products.

It was a good decision…this concealer surprised me, a lot.


First, I discovered that I was using it in the wrong way, it should be always placed in the hand and applied with fingers instead of applying directly.

I still think the coverage weak when I apply it, but here is the surprise: applied with fingers and set with a powder, after a while, the coverage turns great! It darkens a little over time, becoming my skin color and the dark circles are less visible (you can still notice them but they are very deep and I can never hide them a hundred percent).

Photo 1: No makeup; Photo 2: immediatly after aplying the product; Photo 3: after one hour

And as the time goes by, it keeps geting better! This is very strange and probably should be studied by NASA.

I have used this concealer on days when I do not use foundation and althought it does not work so well in other areas (such the nose area, where I always want to cover some redness), it results very well on my dark circles. It just need time! I’ve experimented with different powders and the result is always the same.

At the moment, this is one of my favorite concealers because besides helping hide my dark circles it is very light and does not leave my under eyes are cracked, which happens with, for exemple, the new Fenty beauty concealer (I think the formula is too heavy for me, my fines lines turn very evident and the skin look very dry).

I almost forgot to say that I have mine in color LINEN, it has a cost of 25,90€/$25 and it’s available at Sephora or Fenty’s website, here.


Let me know in the comments what do you think about this. Have yout tried this concealer? Do you prefer the stick concealer or the new one?


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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