BENEFIT They’re Real Mascara and Push-Up Liner

Hello beauties,

A few years ago, Benefit cosmetics launched their mascara They’re Real and I still remember all the fuzz that it caused in the beauty community. This was the mascara that changed the game when it comes to length and volume! I don’t remember a mascara that caused so much talking and hype at the time!

I was in university at that time and honestly, beauty products were not my number one concern so I didn’t pay to much attention.


That changed with the years and over time I had the opportunity to try the They’re Real Mascara and the Push-Up Liner!

I’m using these two products for quite some time and by now I have my thoughts on the place about them. Quite frankly, I’m not their best fan. They are not bad but they are not in my favorite list. Why?

They’re Real Mascara


If you are looking for a mascara that is really black, this is it. It gives big lashes, really big lashes. It gives some volume but nothing that blows my mind away. Two coats can transform your simple lashes to super big lashes. So, why don’t I love it?



Photo 1: with no makeup; Photo 2/3: they’re real mascara

Unfortunately, this mascara can be a mess. The wand brings a lot of ‘wet’ product and I always end with mascara in my lids and in the under the eye. It takes forever to dry and you have to wait like years to apply a second or a third coat.

I still use mine when I want big lashes, and this provides that look a hundred percent but it is necessary to have a lot of patience, time and be extra careful or I might end with my look damaged.


They’re Real Push-Up Liner


I have a love/hate relationship with this eyeliner. For quite some time I loved this product. It’s easy to apply and I love the finish of it. It’s really matte and it’s easy to achieve a perfect eyeliner line. It’s an eyeliner that I advise if you have little practice.

Then it got dry, like really dry and before I could use it I had to use it on my hand, the result is always a hand full of product (wasted product) and years to apply the product on the eyes.

This is currently in a drawer and I don’t reach for it. Sometimes, I want to try again because I really like the finish of this eyeliner but then I remember the fact that it’s all dry and it goes immediately back to the drawer.


Recently, Benefit launched the Roller liner and I’m very curious to try this product, it’s definitely in my Sephora cart! have you tried it? Is it good?


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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