I bought a 110€ Oil Exfoliator | LA MER the replenishing oil exfoliator

Hello beauties,

No, I’m no trying to catching you with this title (or I’m am??) but this time I really lost my mind and bought a really expensive exfoliator. But what can I say, I really enjoyed the feeling of it.

If you read our latest posts (here), I think you already guessed what is this exfoliator! Yes, you are right, it’s the La Mer Replenishing oil exfoliator.


I’m not going to elongate about how this exfoliator came to my hands because this is a topic that I already talked about  (here), What I’m here to do, is to review the La Mer Replenishing oil exfoliator.

The main components of this exfoliating are:

  • sea salt
  • sugar crystal
  • seaweed fibers
  • miracle broth oils

These ingredients will together make a complete exfoliation (a physical exfoliation), but also:

  • refine the pore;
  • purifies the skin;
  • revitalize the skin;
  • eliminate dull skin;
  • erase the dryness;
  • helps eliminate fine lines;
  • smooth the skin.

because it´s a multi-tasking exfoliator it also can be applied in different ways.


Depending on the degree of exfoliation stretch that you want to apply, you can use it on dry skin, to a deep exfoliation or damp skin to a more creamy exfoliation that I think the sensitive skin type will prefer; After massaging the skin, you just need to rinse off with warm water and dry with small and gentle touches.

You should use it 3-4 times per week.


My thoughts ….

Unlike the other types of exfoliations, this is not a water base product but instead an oil base, which makes it better when we have dry skin or dry patches.


I can honestly say that this product saved my skin after my trip to Tayland. My skin was so dry but so dry that it almost hurt. I felt an immediately difference after using this product.

The skin looked smoother, hydrated and with a natural glow.


A bonus (at least for me) is also the scent. It´s delicious and it smells so good, like no other product that I tried.

Now let´s talk about the elephant in the room and the only con of the La Mer replenishing oil exfoliator, that is the price!! It cost 110€ or 125$. It´s a lot I know. It’m the most expensive product of skincare that I bought, it’s true that it brings 100mL, and for a facial exfoliator I think it´s a good amount of product but that doesn’t take away the fact that this is expensive!!


Now, as you know this was an impulse but will I do this again? Well, we can never predict our crazy moments.

But is this a product that I will repurchase? I´m not sure. It still has a lot and I´m going to try to have this bottle for a long time.

Do I regret buying it? No, and yes. Each time I think on the price, absolutely yes, I want my money back but each time I use it, my answer is no. It´s not just a physical exfoliating when I´m using it, it´s a multi-sensorial experience, like I’m in a spa.

Did you try this product? tell me your thoughts, did I lost my mind?



(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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