Yoga Skin: what is it & does it work?

Hello beauties,

But after all what is the Yoga skin that everyone talks about? This new makeup technique came and I think it came to stay because a lot of people like the result.

Yoga Skin combines several steps into one application. The glow is the key and the lightening of the skin to make it look like when you leave a Yoga class: bright and fresh!

Well, I had some difficulty in understanding if this was what I intended, because Yoga for me means restful and uncompressed but shiny skin of sweat (Yoga classes are not easy), and I can assure you that you never leave it with a good look So I’m writing this part of the post even in the hope that when you try this technique like the result and that your skin is shiny, fresh and moisturized in a good way!

One thing I have always read while researching the Yoga skin is that this technique is not intended to hide imperfections but rather to create a good version of our skin: healthy, luminous and natural.

Yoga Skin look formula:

Mix 75% of base, 15% of facial oil and 10% of a liquid highlighter.

If you have dry skin, you can add 5% moisturizer to the mixture. For those who have oily skin, you can invest less in skincare and more on a dry foundation (matte).

Because we are two, and we have different types of skin, we decided to try this technique for two days, with different products and tell you if it works or not!



Day 1: Chanel Le teint ultra + bodhi and birch neroli oil + benefit high bean liquid highlighter


Day 2: Lancome Teint idole ultra wear + Caudalie The Elixir oil + Becca liquid highlighter


Overall I’m not mad about this technique. I thought I would not like it because I have oily skin and I never thought to add liquid illuminator to my Foundation (and an oil)!

I like to use oil but at night on my skincare routine and not every day.

Saying that I have to say that I don’t see myself using this technique every day. I can see the appeal because the skin really looks healthier and somewhat natural but I’m not a person that likes to use foundation every day.

I noticed that my oily skin took a lot more time to start to show the oil (like normally happens) but when it showed, it looked like a disco ball (dancing queen vibes)!!! But like I said, I’m not mad, I was expecting to be a lot worse than it was, like a raining oily skin after one hour (and that didn’t happen). It looked good for about 4 to 5 hours and even then I think I could manage it for more one hour. After that, I could not delay more the use of a mattifying powder (a lot of it).

It’s a good technique to use on winter, great for cold days when you skin need a little bit of more life but in the summer, my skin can’t afford this technique, I prefer a matte foundation (alone)!





Day 1: Too Faced foundation + Darphin energizing oil + Loreal Glow Mon Amour highlighter


Day 2: Fenty foundation +  Darphin energizing oil + Loreal vs Camila Cabello liquid bronzer highlighter


The first time I heard about this technique I was really excited because it looks promising and in the summer months I already was doing kinda this mix, except for the oil.

In the first day, I did the mix, applied it to the skin and that’s it. I didn’t apply anything else, even powder.  I really liked the look of my face, it was glowing but in a natural way. In the photos, I think it looks better than in a closer look because I think I applied too much product. I could feel through the hours some thickness that at the end of the day was better. Oh, I couldn’t touch my face, because it would transfer.


In the second day, I applied less product and did the full routine, applied powder, bronzer, etc… The result was much better, it still was looking good on photos but also at a closer look and the thickness was less prominent.


The conclusion that I take from this test was very positive. I really enjoyed and stays really good on photos, and I’m even more eager to try in the winter months because I think the dry skins will benefit more from this technique than the oily ones. In the more hot months, I think we need to analyze and choose a more mat foundation to use this technique.

My normal skin approves the technique!


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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