The product that made us into makeup…

Hello beauties,

Today we are going to do a throwback time.

We are going to retrocede to the first memories that we have of our love for makeup. When we realize that we like makeup and liked to talk about makeup. We are going to talk about the first makeup item that we purchased that have a meaning.



Mine has to be the Mac Mineralize Rich lipstick in the color Posh Tone. The funny part of this is that it was my first and only Mac purchase. Not that I didn’t like or don’t like Mac products but I didn’t pass through me.


I bought this lipstick many years ago, and I can absolutely remember that was my first mindful purchase in terms of makeup. It was the first contact that I had with good makeup of a good and known brand. And this was the purchase that gave me the “butterflies” that I always have with makeup and skincare and that made me start this blog.


I still have this lipstick, it’s not in good shape and probably is in no good condition to be used but it has sentimental value. And no, it’s not my favorite lipstick. The formula is not long-wearing and is not my favorite color, but it’s still here.

I’m not sure if this lipstick still exists but maybe you can give me a hand. Do you know if this still exists?



When Joana had the idea for this post I thought to myself ‘what was my first makeup product?’ but I couldn’t remember, but then I thought ‘what was the product that made me fall in love with makeup?’ and I have to say that I have a couple of answers for that, but there’s one that I think that really changed the game for me at the time (and still today).

It’s the Nars Orgasm blush!

A little old but still working 100% 

It can be a little cliché because this is probably one of the most well known and sold blush in the world! I remember like it was yesterday (a couple of years ago) that I didn’t use a lot of makeup and I didn’t know what I liked or what looked good on me but when I tried this blush on me, I knew that I love it!

I loved how healthy and great my complexion looked with this product and that made me curious about other makeup products. I thought – if this look so good imagine how it will look with a Foundation? and then with bronzer! then I need a lipstick that looks good with it…well, you can go on and on and today I have more makeup that I need or can use.


At the time, I bought the duo that brings the Nars blush orgasm and the bronzer Laguna. I still use the blush and it’s one of my favorite blushes of all time, the bronzer not so much, I don’t know if it’s mine or if it’s all laguna bronzers but for me, it lacks pigmentation (I need to try another packaging and see if the problema is on mine).




And you? What is your favorite memory with makeup?!

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