Foreo – Is it worthy? How does it works? My full experience with foreo luna 2 mini

Hello beauties,

For some time now and to my utter sadness, I discovered that Clarisonic ceased to have a representative in Portugal.

You can not imagine how sad I was and still am! I was used to using my Clarisonic pretty much every day and believe me when I say that if you asked me about the three things that I would take with me to a desert island, my Clarisonic would be one of them! I was never tired of praising the Clarisonic and everything it did for my skin!

Unfortunately, the big disadvantage of this machine is the fact that we have to change the brush head every 3 months (sometimes I would stretch mine up to 4, I know I’m a rebel!!) and I got myself in a place where I can not do that because right now there are no Clarisonic brushes in here!! I was devastated!

Sure I can order from the international website but I am always worried about the costs and the fact that it can get stuck in customs (which happens almost all the time in Portugal).

I held it on for a few weeks, but the feeling of never completely cleaned skin persisted (if you use a cleaning machine you know what I mean) so I decided to try a Foreo.


By then I already heard and read good things about Foreo but I never tried it.

I went to a Sephora and they presented me with all Foreo line available in the market, and I admit there are too many and it can be difficult to only choose one.


We have (only the cleansing machines):

Foreo mini (approximately 50 €), is very small, battery-operated and ideal for travel.

Foreo fofo (approximately 90 €), Sephora and website exclusives. It has a system that connected to an application available in the iOS/Android allows the measurement of skin hydration and says, in theory, the time and intensity that should be used according to the skin. Also battery-operated.

Foreo Luna 2 (199€), the largest and most expensive, with different colors according to the type of skin. The great advantage of this machine is that the back side can be used to stimulate the absorption of serums and creams – like a Spa. Charge via USB.

Foreo Luna mini 2 (139€), was the one I chose to buy. On one side has the normal cleaning part and the other has larger filaments that can be used for exfoliation or for people with oily skin.

Foreo Luna 3

My idea was to buy the Foreo fofo, but I found some complaints on the internet, namely, the fact that it is not totally watertight and water plus batteries are not a good combination, some people complained that after a month the machine no longer turned on and presented rust with little time of use. Another problem was the fact that a lot of people say that the routine in the application is always the same, regardless of the type or age skin. This was what I found in my research, I do not know if it’s true but I did not want to risk it.

Because of all of that, I decided to buy a machine rechargeable by USB (for what I read it can hold the battery for 6 months).

‘8,000 pulses T-Sonic ™ per minute provide even deeper cleaning by penetrating into the pores to eliminate 99.5% of dirt, oil, sebum, and dead skin’.


The first advantage of Foreo is the fact that we do not have to buy brush heads! We only need to wash it after every use with an antibacterial gel (preferably), dry carefully with a towel and let the rest dry in the open air. The silicone used is naturally bacterial resistant – up to 35 times more hygienic than nylon bristle cleaning brushes.


I was super excited when I turn it on for the first time – unfortunately it did not want to turn on but I remembered to read on the website that sometimes the first time we have to press the two +/- buttons at the same time – the Foreo has a locking system (which is convenient when we take it on a trip) – let it be a lesson, if you buy one, do not panic!

This leads to a disadvantage – the Foreo does not bring paper instructions! You must go to the website and download the file with the instructions! The machine has a magnet with a number that will serve to register the device on the website.

The machine has 8 levels of intensity and I started with the 3/4 level (it is difficult to know precisely the level since there is no display) – I immediately had to lower to the minimum. I felt some sensitivity in some more sensitive places, such as to below the right eye and chin. And I admit that after I hung it up, taking a shower and getting dressed I still could feel the muscles in my face shaking!

That stopped with daily use and today, after almost two months of using the device, I admit that I use it at level 5/6 intensity!

As I said, I’ve been using this machine for almost 2 months, and I can say I like it a lot! No, it is not the same as the Clarisonic, because they are machines with different functions. If you want I can list the differences in another post (let me know in the comments if you want it).

What I like most about Foreo is that I always feel my skin like a baby. The skin looks really smooth and perfect!

When I pass the tonic, the cotton comes always clean which indicates that the machine really helps to clean the skin, although we do not feel it.

Yes, I do feel the pulsations but perhaps because the gel in this machine does not produce big foam it seems that it does not clean anything (I was accustomed to the Clarisonic that produces an immense foam). But the cotton test does not cheat and the skin stays clean!


Do I feel a difference in the appearance of the skin? My skin was in good condition since I started using the Clarisonic last year, Foreo maintained the level of good condition. My pores are in good shape and this makes me very happy.

When I have an occasional pimple, I like to leave the Foreo on top of it for a few seconds (during the daily cleaning) and although it doesn’t make it disappear, on the next day I feel that the pimple is not so inflamed and it is not so pronounced (and it really helps with marks) – I’ve done this test more than 3 times and the result is always the same !!!

I am happy? yes! But I still like my Clarisonic a lot and I’m really upset it stopped being sold in Portugal, but I found the Foreo, and it’s conquering me every day !!

I’m curious to try the Foreo IRIS and the UFO. But what about you? Do you have a Foreo and what do you like it? Let me know in the comments.


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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