Hello beauties,

I postponed writing this post, first because this product that I’m going to talk about is a beauty cult, used all over the world and if you ask any beauty influencer she’ll swear it’s the best.

I wanted to try it for some time and give you my honest opinion, and no, we have no affiliation with Caudalie, but I can tell you that if I could, I would have because this is a product that I advise to everyone, I am completely in love with it.


By the title you probably know that I’m talking about the Caudalie’s Eau de Beauté, known also as the Beauty Elixir!

‘A natural cult-favorite toning mist that tightens pores, sets makeup, and provides an instant shot of radiance to the skin’.

If you don’t know this product (you probably are living under a rock) then let me give you some information about it:

Inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s famous elixir of youth, Beauty Elixir is formulated with grape extracts and clarifying ingredients to provide an immediate burst of radiance.

Beauty Elixir is the ideal setting spray between layers of makeup, as an aftershave for men, to use during the day for a refresh or whenever you want to use it.

I’ve been using it in the morning before and after makeup and at the night as a toner, before the sérum and sometimes I even use it after all my creams before bed.

The formula contains essential oils (mint, rose, and rosemary) and plants extracts to clarify and brighten the complexion.

Honestly, the scent is not the most attractive to me, but I love how my skin looks and feels with this product, so I don’t mind. I do see a difference in my skin, the luminosity and the skin texture is much better since I’m using it.

Since I’ve been using this toner, I no longer have problems with dry patches that sometimes I see after applying foundation – I just apply the beauty elixir and pat it with a beauty blender. It also freshens the makeup, I use it during the day and it helps with my oily skin. I noticed that the foundation lasts a lot more when I use this product.

At night I use it after cleaning the skin and it helps to erase that tight feeling, also the soothing rose organic essential oil prepares the skin for further treatment – awesome, right?!

Do I see differences on the pores? It claims that reduces the pore size but I can not give my word about that because I’ve been using cream and serum from another brand especially for pores and I do see a difference but is it because of this toner or because of the other two products? I don’t know!


Is it worth selling a kidney to be able to buy this product? Yes, it is! I will definitely buy another bottle because mine is almost in the end and I can see myself buying more. I use it all the time and I should save a little more because it’s expensive for a spray, yes, but it’s worth every coin!


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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