Benefit Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation | Bright on, baby??? FIRST IMPRESSIONS

Hello beauties,

Today I bring you my first impressions on the benefit cosmetics: hello happy foundation. This product promises to be a flawless brightening foundation, with medium coverage and SPF of 15 PA++. Oh and let’s not forget the 12- hour long wear!

So far so good, right?


‘Hapiness is a brighter, hydrated, flawless-looking complexion. This médium coverage foundation feels lightweight, looks natural and is virtually undetectable on the skin. All you see is brighter you’.

It contains, among others:

Photochromic Pigments instantly adapt to brighten skin in any lighting, natural or artificial.

Flower Acids help boost radiance.

Hyaluronic Acid holds to 1000X its weight in the water attracting moisture to the skin’s surface and helping to maintain hydration’.

It’s available in 12 shades and I tried the first three shades to see which one was the best for me. I was torn between shade 2 and 3 and I ended using 2 with a little bit of 3. I also used shade 1 as a concealer to brighten up a little bit the face.


I normally use the fairest shade and it’s nice when this doesn’t happen. It means that are more choice to the ‘fair skin’ people. I can not promise that the number 1 is the fairest shade that exists because it’s not -there are brands with literally white shades. But overall, it’s a good range.

I’m constantly searching for foundations that are good for oily skin but also with a natural look. And that’s difficult, let me tell you! Normally, foundations for oily skin are too matte and sometimes that kind of foundation doesn’t look very natural.

Hello_Happy_FlawlessBrightening_WWL (3)

Well, this one does look natural. I give a solid point to that. I ended using a lot and even then I couldn´t see that I was using foundation, it didn’t look cakey or like I had a second skin/mask. I also didn’t feel like I was using anything, which is another bónus!

What I didn’t like? When applied, it evidenced some of my dry patches on my nose. And that’s the true test when I’m using a new foundation because that’s my problematic area.

I did feel the need to apply powder, but not too much, and on its defense, I normally always do feel the need to set the skin.

It took me a solid four hours to feel the skin greasy, and that’s another bonus. Every time, I checked my skin on the mirror, by far, it looked like baby skin, but close I saw some dry patches on the nose but nothing too major and nothing that I don’t see with other foundations (some more than others).

The best way to apply this foundation is with a beautyblender and remember that a little goes a long way. My advice is to be quick when applying it because it dries fast, really fast.

Overall, I’m happy with this foundation (no pun intended?). Would I buy it? I would think about that.

Is this the ultimate foundation that I’m looking for my entire life? No. But it’s not bad for a first impression!

If you are interested let me tell you that you can choose between the normal size that costs $29.00 and brings 30mL or the mini size that costs $10,00 (but it’s so mini that you only can use 3/4 times)!


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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