CHANEL Hydra Beauty Gel Cream | The best cream for oily skin?

Hello beauties,

Today I will talk about a cream that I have used and that is almost at the end – calm down because when I say it is ending I want to say that my jar is almost empty, because there are still plenty of these creams for sale (at least for what I know).

I’m talking about the Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Cream ($50). Yes, I use Chanel skincare and I don’t think that Chanel skincare line is super expensive with a capital E because it’s not. Well, it’s not expensive compared with Guerlain, or even Clarins but it’s not affordable affordable.

When I went to a store and asked for a good hydrating cream, I was advised to buy this cream. I’m happy with it but (later I will tell you about the but’s)…


First things first, the packaging. This cream comes in a square plastic jar, very minimal but pretty and perfect to take to travel because it weighs nothing. The top cap brings the Chanel logo and that is the attraction.

The scent is absolutely divine but strong. You still can feel it after a couple hours, I don’t mind it, on the contrary, I like it. I suffer from migraines and although this cream has a strong scent, I don’t mind it or noticed that it makes them worse. On the contrary, I associate this scent with a state of calm.


The product itself is a light blue-ish cream with a gel type of formula, it’s lightweight and honestly one of the best moisturizing creams that I tried for oily skin. I can use it even on a hot day and my skin will absorb everything without feeling it greasy. It provides enough moisture to my type of skin.

I like to use this cream on two occasions, at night, after the serum and in the morning as a makeup primer, it provides the right amount of hydration to enhance the foundation.

I used it when I have breakouts and I didn’t notice them worst. Because my skin is accustomed to this cream, whenever I have a case of pimples, whether hormonal or by the use of some product, I notice that this cream ends up calming my skin.

Like I said I’m very happy with this cream, but (and here come the but’s), this not provides enough hydration for normal/dry skins when used alone although it’s a great hydration cream for oily/combo skin, it’s just that, a hydrating cream. If you check the ingredients list it doesn’t have anything new that will give you that special factor to your skin – on the contrary, one of the first ingredients is alcohol that used for a long time can damage the skin.

Another con is the quantity that you should use. If you don’t want to have to massage it into your skin until the next day, my advice is to use just a little bit or you can feel the skin a little sticky.

My jar is almost at the end and it’s making a year since I bought it, you can see that a  little goes a long way.

Hydration is very important to the skin and it’s a good start to prevent the age signs so I think that this cream is perfect to be used by young people (20-30) or if your routine already has a good anti-aging cream you can alternate that with this cream.


Will I buy it again? Not now, but just because I have two brand new creams: a moisturizing day cream and a first sign of aging night cream, I’m not rich and I have to use what I have. But, the Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Cream is a product that I would not mind to buy again, the perfect combination for hot weather and oily skin.

If your skin is more to the dry side then there’s a version of this cream especially for that type of skin, the Hydra Beauty Cream. There’s also a serum from this range that it’s advised to be used before the cream.


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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