Hello beauties,

I have to say, I have tried a lot of facial exfoliators and one of my favorites is the Shiseido waso. So when my last packaging of it ended, I was disappointed and I immediately went to a store to buy another.

But I saw the benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish at sales and I had to try it.


What does it promisse?

Dull skin from daily stress?

Refined finish facial polish beautifully brightens the complexion, gently exfoliating to purify the skin & help minimize the appearance of pores. This transformative exfoliator gently resurfaces the skin with microbeads to help smooth away imperfections. Contains natural clay, known to help minimize the appearance of pores, & seaweed extract rich in minerals, nutrients & sugars, known to purify the skin.

How to use: Apply facial cleansing. Gently massage into face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse with water. Use 1-2 times a week. For all skin types.

I’ve been using benefit make-up range for years, but I never tried the skincare range as I thought it would be an overpriced disappointment.

I still maintain that the skincare range would be more desirable if it was cheaper but I’m very happy with this product.

I feel my skin so soft and glowing and I can see a difference which is always good when we try a new product. It’s an effective product even on sensitive skin, like mine – the beads are spherical and that helps.

I feel like this product removes dead skin cells (no harsh at all), and I notice this because if I use foundation after using this product I no longer see dry patches on my skin.


The scent is everything – a little strong, but I don’t mind! The bottle design is so cute, and the cap that looks like cork looks beautiful on the shelf. But…it’s too hard and it gets very hard to squeeze without injuring my hand. I can’t imagine how I will get the product out when I get down to the bottle (maybe I’ll have to remove the top of the bottle?).

My advice it to always give a good shake to the bottle, or you will squeeze liquid product, not what you want, because the product itself has a more solid consistency.


This product has a big disadvantage to me, and it’s the fact that it contains microbeads (a plastic that can pollute waterways) because it never dissolves.

It can make a big mess, and it’s a little difficult to remove everything when you rinse your skin. My advice is to use just a little bit, a little goes a long way.


Although I really think the package needs a redesign (it’s a shame to waste so much), I do advise this product if you don’t mind the disadvantages that I wrote above, because it’s an effective product and you will see a difference on your skin. oh and the scent is divine!

I no longer find this product at sell on the benefit website or Sephora’s website, maybe it’s discontinued? Hope not!!


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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