Sun protection with a brush powder? | Isdin Fotoprotection Mineral 50+ Sunbrush

Hello beauties,

It’s July, the summer is here and it’s never enough to say that we should protect our skin agains the sun! We all know that skin can be really damaged by the UV!

We should use photoprotection every day, even in Winter!

Well, today I will talk about a fun and simple way to protect your face’ skin, the  Isdin Photoprotection Mineral 50+.


As the name says this is a sun protector but in powder and with an FPS of 50.

It’s easy, practical and most important, it Works!

I’ve been using it almost every time that I go to the beach and everybody asks me why my face skin is so white compared with the rest of the body. And it’s because of this protector.

I always try to take the most care with my skin because 1) I only have one and 2) the skin has memory! Yes, it’s true!

Like I said, the sun can really damage the skin and in the face can origin dark spots and cause the appearance of earlier and more pronounced wrinkles. Because of that I normally like to use on the face a sunprotector with a higher SPF.

If I can delay signs of age and problems in the skin, then why not?

That doesn’t mean that we only need to use it in the summer, because that’s wrong. In the winter you also should use protection, the fact that you don’t see the sun doesn’t mean that it’s not there. You can use a lower protection in winter, take a look in the Foundations and creams that you use (a lot of them have SPF).

This powder is very practical and you can pop it on your bag and apply it during the day. It has some color but in the skin, it doesn’t show. It doesn’t mattify the skin, so don’t use it instead of your normal setting powder, because it will not set your makeup.

I normally use it as a final step when I use makeup or when I go to the beach (normally there I don’t use makeup at all). After some hours it’s normal to expect that the skin is a little bit oily (nothing drastic) because this powder has a hydrating effect.



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