Battle of the setting sprays: Urban Decay All nighter VS Mac prep + prime

Hello beauties,

I’ve been trying the two most favorite sprays in the world. They are loved and everyone raves about both – I’m talking about the Urban Decay All Nighter and the Mac Prep+Prime.

But which one is better?! What are the cons and pros of each one? Well, that depends of many factors but I’m here to give you my opinion.

Let’s start by talking about the packaging…

Both have a really cool vibe in their packaging. Clean, practical and cool are the adjectives that  I have to use to describe both packages.

The Mac prep+prime comes in a transparent box with a black stopper that you just need to rotate to open and close. The letters are in black and white.


The Urban Decay All nighter comes in a black bottle with purple letters. It brings 2 covers, I think for protection of not spill it off.

Here I think they are tied, both are really beautiful on their way. If I needed to choose one just for the package, I would give an extra point to Urban Decay for the double cover, because it’s a protection but the Mac it’s easier to open (but if you do a little more strength to open it will really open the bottle).

  • So right now, it’s 1 point for the Mac and 2,5 points for the Urban Decay.


Now fragrance…

This is a easy choose. The Urban Decay All nighter doesn’t have a strong fragrance but we can feel the alcohol scent on it, instead of the Mac prep+prime where the fragrance is so beautifully soft, and for me, it smells of roses, lavender and coconut. (take into consideration that I’m talking about the original Mac prep+prime, because right now they’re available plenty with only one scent).

So here we already know the winner, it’s without a doubt the Mac Prep+prime with its beautiful scent.

  • In total right now we have 2 points for Mac Prep+prime and 1,5 points for Urban Decay All Nighter.


Let’s start with the technical part and talk about the formulation… 


The Mac prep+prime has:

  1. water
  2. glycerin: especially good for dry skin, it helps with protection and moisturizing
  3. Cucumis Sativus: also good for dry skin it helps with the hydration of the skin;
  4. extract of chamomile: for calm the skin;
  5. vitamin E: has an anti-aging;
  6. Phantenol: to help the regeneration of the skin;
  7. fragrance
  8. Phenoxyethanol: to preserve the formula.

I didn’t put all the ingredients, that in total are 15 in this list but with that, we can see that is a really hydrating spray, the alcohol is the last ingredient of the list meaning that is the one in less quantity.

The Urban Decay also has a long list of ingredients in that the first is also water but the second is alcohol. It also has aloe vera extract from the leaf to a better regeneration of the skin, fragrance, and many others, in a total of 30 ingredients.

Both are paraben free and silicone free.

  • In terms of ingredients, I have to give extra love to the Mac one, that means that in our results right now it is 3 for Mac and 1,5 to Urban Decay.



The Urban Decay All nighter was developed to be:

  • All skin types (it’s oil and paraben free);
  •  It has a Temperature Control technology that is patented by Urban Decay that lowers the temperature of the makeup, making whatever you have in the face like foundation, eyeshadow, concealer etc stay in place in all the temperatures;
  • Smooth-looking skin;
  • Vibrant makeup;
  • Last 16 hours;
  • Doesn’t melt, fade or set in the fine lines.

The Mac Prep + prime claims that:

  • Hydrates;
  • Refresh and sooth the skin;
  • Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested;
  • Non-acnegenic;
  • Improve the quality of the makeup;
  • Last 12 hours.
  • Looking at all the list of benefits both have and keeping in mind what is the purpose of buying a spray like them I have to give my point to Urban Decay, one of the reasons is that is more suitable for all skin types. Right now it´s 3 for Mac and 2,5 for Urban Decay.

I think that we already scanned all the parts of both sprays and now we need to give points to a very important aspect that is Results or efficacy.

To help with the evaluation I took photos of the second after the application, 4 hours later and 10 hours later before took off the makeup.

Photo 1- Mac ; Photo 2- Urban Decay

In this first set of photos, you can see that on the side of the Mac I´m much wetter than in the urban side. That happens all the time that I use the Mac at different distances. It´s a weird feeling because the first thought is that the makeup is ruined and no it isn´t.

Photo 1- Mac ; Photo 2- Urban Decay

I took this second set of photos an hour after the application. Here you can see that the Mac side is no longer wet, but you can see which side is because of the glow. Being a Hydra mist it´s no surprise to not mattify the skin.

Photo 1- Mac ; Photo 2- Urban Decay

The third set of photos were taken 5 hours later. The glow in the Mac side is still visible and at this time I started to see differences in the makeup, especially around the nose. In the Urban decay side, it´s more even but not significantly much.

Photo 1- Mac ; Photo 2- Urban Decay

The last set of photos were taken many hours later, like 10 hours and I can honestly say that both sides are pretty good but we need to see more closely the differences. The Mac side still has that beautiful glow but I can see some places where I don´t have any longer foundation. The Side of the urban Decay it´s pretty much the same since the first photo. One thing that I notice in this last photo is that the foundation is still pretty good but I think that I can notice some fade away from the bronze and blush, what do you think?

  • give points in this one was hard but in the hand of the day, I preferred the side where I was using Urban Decay, so it´s 3,5 for the Urban Decay all nighter and because it didn´t go bad I have to give half a point to Mac  prep+ prime so it has 3,5.


Well, we are in a tie, that shows how good they both are and why they are the most hyped  Sprays in the makeup universe.

Let´s resume:

Mac prep+prime Urban Decay All Nighter
Package 1 1,5
Fragrance 2 (total) 1,5 (total)
Formulation 3 (total) 1,5 (total)
Function 3 (total) 2,5 (total)
Eficacy 3,5 3,5


Now yo are thinking, how the hell we can choose which one wins, and the answer is basic and that is the beauty of the world of makeup. Some things for a person can be good but for the other can be bad, that is your opinion, your own taste.

The personal opinion is what going to choose a winner, but personal opinion can also change with time and circumstances.


My Personal Opinion

MY personal opinion is based on what I feel with the spray on and what I see. I don’t appreciate the sensation, right when I apply the Mac, I fell my skin completely soaked. After a while, that feeling disappears and when I look at the mirror I do like what I see. If you know me, I love a good glow and my skin loves everything that hydrates and gives a glow. Right now we are in summer so that means hot days. At the end of the day, I like to still have makeup on and in good condition so in my PERSONAL opinion, right now I prefer the Urban Decay All Nighter. It’s my oldie one and I’m still in love with it. Ask me at winter if my opinion changed, because even preferring the Urban Decay I still use the Mac prep+prime. I’m going to repurchase both, and that made me realize that I need to go to Sephora because my Urban is over. SOS.


Which one is your favorite? Which spray do I need to try and add to the competition?


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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