CHANEL Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint Review

Hello beauties,

I have been trying for a while the new Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint.

It was not my intention to take so much time to write this post but I was so confused with this product that I needed the proper time to organize my ideas.


Les Beiges’ is not new, actually this collection was launched a couple years ago, and honestly, I have been enjoying all the products. If you are curious, click here and see the review of the Chanel Les Beiges cushion foundation.

I have been enjoying so much Les Beiges that I was really excited about this year new additions to this collection, that I bought right away the Chanel Les Beiges water fresh tint.

First, it’s a Chanel innovation. I never saw something like this water tint. The first thing that I remembered when I look to the bottle, was “it looks like sand inside”. But not really. In fact, it is a Chanel patented microfluidic technology with visible encapsulated pigments.


This is a mix between skincare and makeup, giving us the best of both worlds. With time they promise an improvement of your complexion, because of the tamarind seed extract. It also has moisturizing properties that provide all-day comfort to the skin. And also because it has 75% of water.

This product is also a multi-task one. It has 3 different ways of using it, as a:

  1. Primer – Using it under foundation. It will give you a nice base to a natural glow and moisturizing skin.
  2. Foundation – It can be used as it´s own. Creating a sheer cover. It gives an effect of bare skin with a natural luminous.
  3. After foundation – using after foundation gives the look a light luminous set.

My favorite 2 ways of using it are as a foundation like I normally do or if I want/need more coverage. I also use after the foundation to give that satin look especially after a more matte base.

With 1 pump, as I usually use!

The package is weirdly made of plastic but still looks luxurious. A huge positive point for me is due to its transparency, you can always know the quantity of product that you still have, the inside pump is also cool to see.


My thoughts…

Well, this was not an easy post to write because I had so much to say about this water fresh tint that it’s so much more complex than what it seems.

If you are looking for a Foundation with enough coverage that can hide imperfections then this product is not for you, at least as a foundation. The first time that I used it, I didn’t understand the concept of this product. I couldn’t see the difference between my skin with or without it (get into consideration that I just applied a pump with my fingers, not using the brush that comes with it).


With 4 pumps


In the middle of the day, I looked in the mirror and I was impressed. Usually, my skin was not that even by that time and not looking as good as it was showing. I realized that it was because of this product properties. The hydration that they promise is there and it works like it says it would.

I tried with more than a pump and that way you can build some coverage, but nothing major. The brush is really good. I usually use my fingers to apply it because what I want is something quick.

I have been using it non stop, and my skin has been really good. I also love the glow that it gives and I don’t see any dry patches.

This is suitable for all skin types since it blends with the skin perfectly.

The range of shades is not the best I have to say, it just has 6 shades, but this product blends so well with our own skin that can be used by a lot of skin tones, making its 6 shades available good for a lot of skin tones.

This is my new summer “foundation”, especially in this time of the year when what we like and want is a little bit of shine from inside and this is exactly what this Chanel Water fresh tint provides, while also giving comfort and a splash of freshness to the skin.

It’s not a cheap product but if we think that it can be used in three different ways, makes the price a little more bearable. You can buy the Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint by $65, here.

Did you already try? tell me your thoughts.


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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