NEUTROGENA Deep Clean Purifying Boost Clay Mask REVIEW

Hello beauties,

As a skincare addict and something like a beauty blogger, I try on a lot of face masks. Some leave me good impressions and some not so much. Today, I come to tell you about a mask that I tried very recently and I became a fan!

This mask has become one of my favorite products, if not my favorite! Why, do you ask? Well, first because I saw immediate results on two different skin types (I tried on my oily skin and my mother’s dry/normal skin) and because I continued to see results the next day and even the next.

I’m talking about the Purifying Boost Clay Mask by Neutrogena.


Neutrogena is known worldwide, who doesn’t know its famous make-up wipes, and the sunscreen sprays that Barney Scott (the famoust Jennifer Lopez makeup Artist) uses and abuses, he swears to be the best sunscreen sprays, due to its high protection, dry finish touch but with a glow effect!

In America this is a drugstore brand, and can be purchased in many stores, but here in Portugal this is a brand only available in pharmacies. As a pharmacist, I know the brand, and their values, I can not say that I have tried all the products but the ones I tried I really loved. The quality/price is amazing!

First things first, let’s see what the website says about this product:

Gently cleanses and purifies skin. This wash-off clay face mask targets 100% of impurities to leave your skin feeling soft and healthy looking.

‘This clay face mask goes deep down to pores, targeting all impurities including like dirt and excess oil, leaving your skin purified and healthy looking. The purifying mask contains two types of mineral clay, kaolin & bentonite to help maintain soft, healthy-looking skin while being gentle on skin at the same time. Use as part of your regular skin care routine by applying an even layer of the mask to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave on for 15 minutes before then removing with water. NEUTROGENA® DEEP CLEAN® Purifying Wash-Off Clay Mask is gentle on skin, oil-free, and non-comedogenic’.


Each pot has enough product to use two times, it’s really big and even if you apply a good layer of product you’ll have enough product to use again.

This is what’s left after using it on me, my mother and nephew

While you have it on your skin, it’s normal if you feel the skin more thight, because it’s a clay mask and it needs to dry off but on contrary to other clay masks that I tried, this one is refreshing.

I would highly recommend this mask, after I used it I noticed my skin much more clear, smoother, the pimples and blackheads that I had reduced to 50% and they look a lot less irritaded! The skin also looks more glowy (no dullness), like the name says it’s a detox mask and I think it really detoxyfied my skin!

Another thing is that my skin is a little sensitive and I had my doubts about this mask becase they advice in big letters to not use around the eyes and mouth but I had no problem with my sensitive areas of the skin. Sometimes, clay masks hurt my sensitive skin around the nose and in my cheecks but this one didn’t hurt at all.

I will definitly buy more of theses masks. Absolutly yes!

You can buy it on Neutrogena website, physic stores and pharmacies (in Portugal). Each pot costs around 4€.



(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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