YVES ROCHER You Go Girl! Duo Lipstick

Hello beauties,

Last month, Yves Rocher launched a new Summer collection named You Go Girl! Coincidentally, I passed the door of an Italian Yves Rocher store on my last trip. I had to take the opportunity and decided to buy a product from this collection – the marble lipstick or as they call the duo Lipstick in the color Nude.


Honestly, it was the only product in the collection that caught my attention, between liquid illuminators and bronzers, I didn’t see anything new.

This is my first type of these lipsticks and I’m still torn between loving or hating it. Let me explain why.

First, the packaging is really pretty and girlie, pink and gold but also very summery!

The colors are bright and with a high concentration of pigments. The texture of the lipstick is extremely creamy, long-lasting hold and it gives a plump to the lips.



Now, my problem – the colors! The first time that I tried this lipstick, I loved the color, it was a beautiful nude (to the peachy side). Then the second time was awfull – the colors change according to the times you use – so the second time I was left with a super light color, almost white on my lips. Who wants white on the lips? I can aswer…nobody!

My solution was to use the lipstick on my arm until that horrid light color was gone, and by the photo, you can see that it took me almost my entire arm to do that.


Now I was left with a beautiful nude color, but from time to time I still get a little of that light color I don’t like, but since at this moment there is a dark color on most of the lipstick, I can put the two together to form a color I can use.



This is the main problem with this type of marbled lipsticks, the junction of colors and the cohesion of them. I don’t think this worked and although I use it from time to time, I never quite know what to expect.

Would I buy this lipstick again? No, I wouldn’t. It is not the most expensive lipstick that I bought (about 10 €) but I have lipsticks for the same price and even cheaper better and without worrying what color will present that day.

What do you think about this kind of lipsticks? Let me know in the comments.


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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