Comodynes Anti-Aging Mask

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Now to what you came here to read, the review of the Comodynes anti-aging recovering mask…

Comodynes is a well-known brand for the efficacy of is products since the 90s. Because all of the good things that we know about this brand, we always have our expectations higher when it comes to Comodynes products. So, did the Recovering Effect Mask pass the test?! Let’s find out.


The Comodynes anti-aging mask Recovering effect is made specially for those that need intensive treatment in a quick way to help revitalize a skin that lost the vitality and the brightening.

The main function of this mask is anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and antioxidant.

The ingredients on this mask are in a high concentration, like a serum, and the main ones are:

  • Hyaluronic acid: moisturize the skin, eliminate the signs of tiredness, give elasticity and uneven the tone;
  • Vigna seeds: stimulate the collagen synthesis, increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin;
  • Vitamin E: anti-oxidant, help prevent the damage caused by pollution and UV radiant;
  • Natural extracts: these are the apple, ginseng, peach, barley, and wheat. all them are great anti-oxidant;
  • Vitamin C: brightening and uneven the skin;
  • Allantoin: smooth, soften and revitalize the skin tone; great to repair the sensitive skin;
  • Fruit AHA’s: exfoliation;
  • Glycolic acid: activate cell regeneration.

Important to say that this mask is paraben, fragrance, and allergen-free.


This mask is made in a tissue format to enhance the penetration of the serum. The best way to apply it is at night before going to bed in dry and clean skin. Leave for 10 minutes and after removing, massage the excess of the serum and then apply your normal night skincare.

It suits all skin types and is recommended to do one to three times a week.

My thoughts about it… 

I only used this mask one time but I could already see some differences especially in the brightening.

The sheet mask was easy to apply in the face and had the right size, not too big like others sheet masks.

I did this mask on a day that I was looking awful and I could see some uneven skin, no vitality, and the brightening was at a zero level. That changed once I took the mask off my face, I notice a lot of brightening and my skin looked much more live. Another thing that I noticed was that in the next day, my skin was still smooth and even.

It’s the perfect mask, if you have an event on that day or on the next day and want to look good.

The price is 9.00€ but usually, you can find in a promotion.

Have you tried a mask like this?


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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