Papa Recipe Manuca Honey – Black Honey Mask

Hello beauties,

I am mad, really mad. Why? I tried a mask from a brand named Papa Recipe and I really liked it, but for a reason that I don’t know (and don’t understand) this brand is no longer available at Portugal Sephora. I am talking about the Papa Recipe Manuca Black Honey Mask.


I bought this mask a few months ago but I only tried it last weekend. I’m so frustated because I really liked it.

Papa Recipe is a brand of products based on natural ingredients such as honey. All its products contain honey: propolis, royal jelly, etc. because of its moisturizing and soothing qualities. The daughter of the current owner of the company had atopic skin that did not respond well to treatments. Her father decided to create his own “recipe” to restore the comfort of his daughter’s skin. Thus was born Papa Recipe, a brand dedicated to natural care.

I tried the Manuca Honey Black Honey Mask that contains Honey from New Zealand and Propolis. These ingredientes double skin’s hydration levels while shrinking excess sebum.


How to use it


Like I said, I used this mask in the last weekend and if I had to found things that I didn’t like about this product, I could only point one! The time, because the time that you have to be with this mask is 20-30 minutes and that’s a lot of time. But to be fair, times passes so quickly and while I had this mask on my skin I have to say that was really pleasant and I didn’t mind to be with it more time. But I understand that this is not a pratical mask to do if you have not much time or if you want something quick.


I loved how smooth and not oily my skin stayed throught the  night and even on the next day. I really felt it moisturized without that heavy feeling that some moisturizing masks tend to leave the skin.

Right when I took it, I felt my skin a little bit tacky but that feeling dissapered after a hour. Another thing that I liked was the fact that normally with these kind of masks, there’s a lot of product that are wasted, but the product of this mask was totally absorbed by my skin with zero waste. If you see the photo, the mask almost dry after I used it.


Normally my combo/oily skin really works well with honey products and this was not a dissapoitment at all. I will try to find this mask at a sephora store and with a little luck maybe there are still some that they didn’t sell. I’ll buy every!

Great mask to moisturize a combo/oily skin!


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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