What it means to have a Gold Sephora Card in Portugal?

Hello beauties,

Today I received in my house the Sephora Christmas mini-mag (a magazine where Sephora introduces all the new launches for Christmas) or as I usually call it the doom magazine. The products are full os glitter and shine and I feel like I want to buy everything – I even consider buying one or another set with products I don’t need! Ahhh the power of marketing…

Because of that, I remember that I could share my experience of having a gold card at Sephora (in Portugal) and I would love if you comment and say what is different in your country.

Well, here there are three different types of cards at Sephora: White, Black, and Gold.

When you make your first shop, you receive a White card, without minimum value and the card doesn’t cost a thing. Just make a purchase and ask about the card.

To receive the Black card, you have to make four purchases and present the white card, or make fewer purchases worth € 150.

Finally, to receive the Gold card, you must earn 1000 points within 12 months.

I have the Gold card for almost three years and I have to say that my experience is not bad but also not great. Overall, I would expect to have more benefits that I have.

What I have:

  • Free shipping (sephora.pt)
  • 30€ on my birthday (that I only can spend on one product, just one and it has to cost less or be exactly 30€)
  • I have a special line that I can call and the service is more quick and personalized
  • Every once in a while I get a letter presenting a product and a promotion on that product
  • 10% discount voucher after 4 card passes or € 150 accumulation
  • I receive two or three magazines (summer, Christmas) with vouchers of 20 € in non-exclusive brands


Why I’m not totally happy:

  • I only receive the anniversary present almost in the next month, and almost everytime I have to call to the client support and ask about my present. I should receive it, not ask for it.
  • The special line is great and I don’t have anything bad to say about it, but I already call to the normal line and they are also great, I don’t see any difference.
  • The letters that I receive with a product presentation is always about expensive products and I have to buy two or more products to receive a bag or something like that.
  • I do more than 4 card passes on store and I never have vouchers, I don’t understand. Sometimes I receive emails that say that I have 160 points, and in the next e-mail I have zero points without using the voucher of 10%. Odd
  • The magazines are great and I really like them, but the 20€ are not special because every year I discover that the black card has also the same discounts.

Overall, like I said I don’t see nothing special. Just the fact that I don’t pay shipments when I order from the website, which I almost never do because I like to buy on store ad see (and try) the products.

I can’t complain because this year Sephora is offering a bag in my next shop but with my luck when I go there probably they will be all gone.

I leave you some images of the mini magazine that I received, remember that some products are not so new because we receive them in Portugal when they are no longer new in the rest of the world.

I would love to know how the Sephora cards work on your country. Let me know in the comments.


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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