Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick Set REVIEW

Hello beauties,

Can you believe that we didn’t have any Anastasia Beverly Hills products in Portugal until this year? Yes, it’s true. We first received ABH brow products, then we started to receive the palettes and now I think we have a decent amount of products to choose from.
If I’m not wrong we received the foundation at the same time it was launched which is a big accomplishment!

But today we are not here to talk about the foundation but a set that contains 4 ‘matte’ lipsticks.

Well, we put the ‘matte’ in “” because that is not true, between the four lipsticks only one can be described as matte, and even so it’s not totally matte.

It’s really explicit on the website that these are spring/summer inspired nude shades of matte lipsticks.

When we talk about matte lipstick what immediately comes to the mind are the KVD lipsticks (which are on the top matte comfortable lipsticks).

This ABH Set brings four mini lipsticks:

  • Guava (Light coral with a shimmery pink reflect)
  • Coconut (Toasted rose)
  • Orange Blossom (Soft peach floral with an iridescent sheen)
  • Lychee (Blushed mauve with a micro-sparkle reflect)
D-U: Guava | Coconut
L-R: Orange Blossom | Lychee

Each lipstick brings which is a very little amount of product.

The colors are all between the peaches/orange undertones which can look beautiful on tan skin, depending on what you like to see.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The set costs 25,50€ ($21) and that can be a little expensive because like we said the lipsticks are really mini but we really wanted to try ABH lipsticks and because of that we decided to buy this set between us two and each one took two lipsticks.

The white/gold packaging is really good quality and looks expensive. Point to that!

Two of these lipsticks have glitter and that can be a little overwhelming because it’s glitter and not everybody likes glitter on the lips. One of them I think is more to the shimmer side.

Overall they are flattering but not for everyone.

After using the lipsticks we can understand why they call it matte because it has their matte base formula even with all that glitter in there.

Are they comfortable? Well, it depends. They are not the most comfortable lipsticks but they are not the worst. They don’t make the lips look dry and after taking it off the lips look healthy. But you feel that you have lipstick.

Do they stay in place? Surprisingly, yes. Well kind of. The base stays there for a lot of time, even after eating like a true pig but at the end of the day the glitter kinda lost.

Overall these lipsticks are perfect to use in summer, alone or on top of a matte lipstick!


(note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).

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