Galenic Aqua Infini Skincare Lotion

Hello beauties,

Last month I was a little confused about what to use on my skin, it was in a bad shape, full of breakouts. Now I think I found the guilty and I can say that I found a good skincare routine. One of the products that I started to use and like is the Galenic Aqua Infinite Skincare Lotion.


This product is sold as a product that boosts the efficacy of all products subsequently.

The formula is very fluid, easy to apply before the rest of usual skincare products and I love how the skin absorbs everything! It leaves the skin really refreshed and my oily skin loves it because it doesn’t leave it oilier, on the contrary, I feel the skin hydrated and almost like silk.
A little goes a long way and I think that even using this every day, it will last a lot of time.

Another pro is the scent because let me tell you, it’s really pleasant! Not strong enough, fresh with floral notes of lotus and peony and enchanting base notes of musk and amber.

Active Ingredient

  • Stone Flower: In the Mexican desert of Chihuahua, the Stone Flower never dies. It makes do with the morning dew to survive in the extreme desert temperatures. This resurrection plant has the exceptional property of retaining water captured from the outside environment within its cells, using sponge-like structures.
  • Hyaluronic acid and gelling polymers to hydrate the skin and ensure it retains water
  • Hydrating plant-based glycerin


For the Stone Flower to fully retain its effectiveness, the Galénic Master Formulator developed a customized structure, called water in Tamis³ moléculaire™. Composed of a specific network of 3 molecular sieves, it quickly transfers the Stone Flower into the core of the cells.

How to use

morning and/or evening to the face and neck, directly using your hands, with no need for a cotton pad, after cleansing and before using your serum and/or usual skincare product.

Is this really necessary?

Well, it’s a tonic, some people say that they can live without a tonic others never used it. What can I say, it’s not the product that I can leave without. What I really like about it it’s the dry touch and the fact that it leaves my skin really soft.

This is an expensive product because it is not a moisturizer cream and if you use it alone it’s not enough to maintain good levels os hydration on your skin. Is it good? yes! can you leave without it? Absolutely!




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