Huda beauty Nude Medium Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette REVIEW

Hello beauties,

Last week I received my present from Sephora (I have the gold card that offers 30€ to use on a single product) and after a lot of thinking I decided to bring a Nude Obsessions eyeshadow Palette in the color Nude Medium.

First, because I have a few Huda beauty palettes and they never let me down and second because when the new Nude Obsessions were released, I immediately fell in love with the shades.

It was a little difficult to choose between the three palettes. For what I read, these palettes were created for three different skin tones and by that, I should choose the light palette, but honestly, I liked the Medium and that’s what I brought!

According to the informations

‘Nude Medium’s versatile palette is a rich mix of spicy tones combining chestnuts and deep browns. It features metallic shimmers in warm yellow and rose gold tones, rustic copper, dusty pink, coral, and unique terracotta shades.’

I really like the packaging, it’s an update to the previous obsessions palettes. It’s sturdy and the mirror comes in a really nice size, the reptil skin effect is also a nice and valuable touch. The sizes of the pans are decent and the colors look like they can work in any combinations.


Now, about the blending. Well, like I said I’m a big fan of huda palettes and I they are on my top when it comes to color blending, saying that, I have to be honest and say that these are not the best huda palette when it comes to blending. They are not the worst but I think the fact that some colors are quite similar can help. The mattes were a little difficult to show on swatches and you can clearly see that by the photo.

The glitters look absolutly gorgeous on the pans and I love how they turn on the eyes.  They have a little fall out but nothing to major when it comes to glitters, I found that I can apply them after foundation without to much worry. My advice is to always apply them with your fingers, forget the brush, the effect will not be the same (not even close), and if you want a more glamorous effect, than prepare youself to spend some time and apply more than one layer of glitter.


Now, I have to say that overall I’m pretty happy with this palette. Do I advise you to buy it? This palette doesn’t bring new shades that you never saw but they have a great quality and the payoff is really good.

There’s just so one thing that I would like to see on this palette, a highlighter shade because in my modest opinion none of the glitters work for the inner corner of the eye or the brow bone.

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