Christmas looks to get you excited for the holidays

Hello beauties,

It’s time to start planning your beauty looks for the upcoming Christmas parties but this cold weather is not helping and it can be a little difficult to think about what to wear. Don’t worry, we are here to help you! We put our minds together and went to see what’s on the stores to use this holiday season!

Hopefully, we can give you some ideas that you can turn more to your taste.


If you are going to spend Christmas at your house you can opt for a cozy look…


Stradivarius Sweatshirt Mr. Wonderful (S) €19.99  | Pants slim fit (XS) €17.99


If you are going to spend Christmas at house but want to impress family…

Stradivarius Ballon sleeve t-shirt (S) €19.99 | Pleated tulle skirt (XS) €19,99


H&M Blouse (XS) €19.99 | Pleated tulle skirt with print (XS) €39.99


If you are going to spend Christmas at your friend house…

H&M Knitted blouse (XS) €29.99 | Pants (34) €24.99



Stradivarius Knitted blouse (S) €19.99 | Pleated tulle skirt (S) €25.99

If you want somehing fancy…

Zara Knit blouse with applications (S) €59.95 | Black Skirt with flower applications (S) €29.95  | Red Overcoat (S) €99.90


Zara Red Fur jacket (XS) €59,95 | Black Sweater with lace sleeve (M) €22.95 | Leather effect leggings (S) €19.95


If you want some really cool acessories…


H&M Duo Christmas lace earrings €5.99 | H&M Christmas Hoop earrings €2.99



Aldo Shoes


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