Hello beauties,

Christmas is time for celebration, we know and some over-indulgence is expected. You are forgiven. But all those late nights on Christmas dinners with friends, alcohol drinks and sweats can have an impact on you. If you don’t know, sugar can be the number one enemy for our skin!

You want to know why? Well, food that can lead to the rise of blood sugar that can cause inflammation in the body, breaking down collagen and elastin (both necessary to the skin’s good look) which leads to wrinkles. All that sugar can also stimulate sebum production and break the hormone balance, yeah that leads to redness and breakouts!!

But we are not over, all that food with salt can lead your body to dehydration and in the end, your skin will look dull and puffy.

The bad news is almost over, but I’m sorry to tell you that alcohol is not a skin friend. It can cause blood vessels dilatation and thread veins can be visible in the face.

Stay calm, there are some tips that you can follow that will help you prevent all those things.

1. Drink water

This is the cheapest beauty trick: drink plenty of water! Remember that alcohol is a diuretic and that you have to maintain your hydration. You don’t want dehydrated skin, right? all dry and with more visible wrinkles and fine lines. bahhh

If you can, try to recover from all that alcohol with some alcohol-free days – between Christmas and new eve’s, for example.

2. Take some time to yourself

A deep cleanse to the skin is ideal to combat breakouts and help prevent fine lines. A good hydrating mask to replenish your skin and help it look younger. Remember that your skin is more vulnerable to the cold weather. Moisturizing is always important and doesn’t forget about lips,  hands, and feet!!

3. Eat nutrient-rich foods

I know, I know… it’s difficult to have healthy meals this time of the year. The temptations are there and the packed agenda doesn’t help at all but try to stay away from fast food and opt for something that’s rich in nutrients and vitamins instead.

It’s cold and a good immune system is important. Eat fruits rich in vitamin C, that will improve your immune system but also protect the skin and produce collagen.

Don’t embark on diets when the festivities are over, it can be pretty harmful on you, forget yo-yo diets. Try to be concise and have some balance.

4. Stay calm

Stress can be visible on your skin, I know what I’m talking about. It can make you look older and because of that, it’s important to not stress too much. I also know this is the perfect time of the year for stress and with an agenda full of compromises it can be difficult. But take a breath and enjoy the festivities. Remember that this is a time to be happy.


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