The Power of Good Brows | Benefit BrowBar Service Experience

Hello beauties,

I wanted to visit a Benefit brow bar for a while. I have rebellious eyebrows and last month, I noticed that they were not even. I know, the eyebrows are meant to be cousins ​​and not sisters but I like them to be first cousins ​​and not cousins ​​apart.

I took advantage of the fact that  I went for a walk, at the beginning of the week, with Joana to Lisbon (Portugal) and it was the perfect opportunity to go to Sephora, more specifically the Benefit BrowBar beauty lounge.
I heard (and read) a lot of good things about this service, specifically at that place and took advantage of the fact that it was empty (usually is necessary to make an appointment) and tried it!

They have three services: eyebrow coloring, eyebrow epilation, and fluff epilation. My main concern was trying to get similar and beautifully designed eyebrows so I just wanted eyebrow epilation. I do not need coloring since my eyebrows are pigmented to eternity …

The first step was to do a custom brow mapping. With a special benefit tool, the three main points of the eyebrow were marked: where they begin (or should begin, according to the shape of the eye), where the arc is made and where it should end.

Since my eyebrows are rebellious, they had to be trimmed a little with the help of a scissor. The wax is based on coconut water and contains zinc (that has healing properties), and before applying the wax oil is used so that the wax does not completely adhere to the skin. So when the wax is pulled, it only takes the hair, avoiding leaving the skin red and reducing the pain. When the wax was removed, the aesthetician applied a cooling gel containing aloe vera that helps soothe the skin.

Did it hurt? In certain areas a little, but it is a totally acceptable pain that within seconds disappears.

My eyebrows are very rebellious, so I’m always afraid to put myself in anyone’s hands but the result was phenomenal. My skin is also sensitive and sometimes I get very red when I use some types of wax but I did not have any kind of sensitivity to this wax.


I really liked the fact that they are very fast and attentive. First, the aesthetician explained how they work and what they do and she really listened to what I wanted. In the end, they give their opinion on what’s the best shape of the brow to our face (according to what you already have). I also liked the fact that each spatula is only used once. It is not one spatula per person, but one spatula for each piece of skin. The 100% cotton fabric that is used to remove the wax is also a big plus.

Let’s talk about pricing. It is around 19€-35€. I spent 19€ because I just wanted the eyebrow epilation. Are these values ​​above average? Yes, they are. But have I ever had eyebrows so well designed, without redness on the skin and an almost VIP treatment? No, never.

I can not forget to say that if you go to an event or to work, don’t worry because they don’t let you leave the place with your face red, they apply makeup (all benefit products). I left the place feeling like a superstar.

Am I going back there? Probably. It is not a service that I see me doing every month because the price is not inviting, but I think it is a good place if we need help to redefine the eyebrows. Even because after the service, at home, we can try to keep the shape.

I’ve always heard that the eyebrows are the frame of the face and I think in this case this has been proven.

Where do you usually go to redefine your brows? Let me know in the comments what do you think about everything that I wrote.


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