Start Eisenberg Balacing Cleansing Mask REVIEW

Hello beauties,

Start is a new line from the skincare brand Eisenberg that fights everyday aggressions such as stress, tiredness, urban pollution or an unbalanced lifestyle. Ideal for those who excel in skin care, or are looking for simplicity and effectiveness.

This range of 7 complementary products are dermatologically tested, mineral-free, phthalate-free and paraben-free.

The two key ingredients present in all products in the range are:

  • Chlorella extract: antioxidants, moisturizer, anti-inflammatory and DNA protector. Fighting free radicals, soothes the skin, relieves itching and provides well-being.
  • Moringa seed extract: Peptide with purifying action and anti-pollution. regains the radiance and healthy appearance of the skin.


On today’s post I’m going to talk about the balacing cleansing mask, a sample that I received and that I was very curious to try.

‘This comfortable mask absorbs excesso sebum and impurities. Natural active ingredientes with purifying nd anti-pollution properties are combined with an anti-inflammatory ingrediente. It gently cleanses without drying out and visibly tightens pores. Skin is smoothed, mattified and radiant!’


How to use:

  • Apply a thick layer to cleansed face and neck, once or twice a week. Avoid the eye contour.
  • Rinse with water after 10 minutes or 20 minutes for very oily skin.

Now, what I thought about it…

I liked it. It’s always difficult to say what a product can really do when trying just one sample. The truth is that this sample had enough product to use two times and that’s what I did. It’s not a mask that stayed on my mind and made me run and buy it. But…

Is it good? Yes. Did I notice immediatly results? No. After two uses I didn’t notice any visible difference in my pores, for example. I did feel my skin cleaner (usually all balacing masks do that), I also did feel my skin a little less oily. Could I see more results if using it every week? Probably. Maybe.

It’s easy to use, the scent is very pleasant (not too strong) and I really like how easy was to remove it, normally these kind of mask are really difficult to remove when dry. The texture is unique, looks like a moisturizer or a balm and feels like it.


And the texture is probably the reason why I did feel my skin hydrated.
In the end, my opinion is that this is a great mask for people with normal/combo skin,  because it will balance the skin without leaving it dry. This is also a good mask for teenagers that want to start using masks. I do feel like this is a great range for people that are starting using skincare products or people that are starting to care about what they use, a really good way to start.


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