Winter Sales | What you should buy!

Hello beauties,

It’s here! The time of year when everything is cheaper: winter sales! And so, this is the right time to review your wardrobe and buy some of the pieces you need. However, it is important not to lose your head (and wallet along the way) and to choose clothes that are really important to have in the closet, durable and wearable. Knowing how to buy is a fundamental step to contribute to sustainability. Fool, who thinks it is just buying recycled clothing. It is not.

So what should we buy?

Conscious shopping leads us to timeless and good quality clothing. The timeless is the well-known clothing piece, like jeans, a white t-shirt, a good shirt, a black dress, and a trench coat.

In 2020 we can bet on the new basics! What are the new basics? These are timeless garments that have been in trend for the last few seasons: teddy coat, puffer jacket, trousers with standard fabric, are some examples.

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But first…

Do a wardrobe cleaning (channel the Marie Kondo that you have inside you). Put aside all the clothes that you have not worn for over 2 years and probably will not wear again. This step is hard, I know. But think about donating these clothes and how happy someone will be. Then do not make the mistake of buying similar clothes, because if you did not use the first you’ll not use the second.

A list of clothing that you are really needing also helps. Usually what we really need are the basics, and this is where the new basics come in.

Then make another list of clothes that you really liked when you first saw it but didn’t buy it because of the price. Maybe now the prices are nicier.

Remember that clothing has the ability to give us happiness and self-confidence when we wear them and so it is important to choose well.

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