Christmas Presents #2019 Part 1

Hello beauties,

Joana and I thought about sharing our Christmas present with you, unfortunately, times past with a blink of an eye and we are already in the middle of January.

This post is a little late, we know but we really wanted to share with you what we received and know what YOU received. Hopefully, this will extend the Christmas feeling a little more.

It’s always important to remind that it’s not important what we received but the though. I can honestly and truthfully say that a few years ago it was a big deal that I would receive but as the time passes I think it’s more important to give and I’m pretty happy to receive a good pair of socks. Do you feel that too?

Because we are two, we decided to make a part 1 and 2. Today is Joana time!!


First, let´s start with what I bought for myself. This was a necessity gift because I´m going to a place that is very cold and I needed some boots for that.

Thinking on that I bought the Sorel Joan of Arctic. Now I can say that I have boots with my name, how cool is that.


Let´s say that are not the most stylish boots but are really awesome, and I would let you know if also they are what they say to do in the winter.

The rest of the presents I´m not going to say who gave it to me, to not hurt the feelings of the other people.

Zara clothes

It´s not news that I love Zara, so I really appreciated that people around me know that and gave a cool outfit. (PS: in the pictures the skirt is not showing the true color, it´s more an emerald green not blue or that type of green that are showing the pictures)


Bimba & Lola wallet

I was thinking of changing my wallet so was really nice when I received this one. And how nice is the color?!


Parfois bag

I didn´t receive one but two bags from Parfois. They are completely different and also for different occasions, and I love both.


BodyShop strawberry box

I received last year a box like this (here) and I really enjoyed, so I can´t wait to start using this one.


Pandora bracelet of Harry Potter

I´m a fan of Pandora and Harry Potter, so when I saw that they did a collab I was so thrilled, and even more happy when I received it. With the bracelet also came the charm of Slytherin’s house, my house.


Douglas Caramel Nudes eyeshadow palette

I´m going to write a post about this palette because it deserves it. I´m using it a lot and enjoying it a lot.

I received more things but I think these are enough to show a little of what people/Santa Claus gives to me, don´t you think?

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