ZARA Haul Unboxing | Sales

Hello beauties,

This Sunday, we have a special post, first because I love sales, you can say that one of the things I like most is knowing that I made a good purchase at a good price. Who doesn’t? Second, because I bought a lot of spring/summer clothes, which made me excited (the good weather is coming)!

If you follow this blog, you may have realized that Zara is one of our favorite destinations when it comes to buying clothes. Zara’s clothes have a good quality / price ratio and let’s face it, it’s beautiful.

This year I managed to control myself a little more on sales, I think last year I bought more things (last year post, here). With age comes wisdom! This time, I tried to buy things that I really liked and I’ll definitly use.

I bought everything online and that’s always a risk, I prefer to buy on a store and try the clothes there. But overall I’m pretty happy with all the pieces that I bought, and I think they were really good deals.

I have to admit that I bought some things from another store. Do you want to see? Let me know in the comment box.

Printed Midi Dress (S) ref. 0/8187/223/330/03 29,999,99€
Floral Printed Skirt (XS) ref. 0/6416/251/400/04 29,997,99€
Pants with maxi pockets (S) ref. 1165/720/800/03 29,999,99€


Pants with cuffs at the hem (XS) ref. 0/7149/240/707/01 39.9912.99€
Printed Animal Mules (36) ref.1/5320/081/040/36 25.9912.99€
Flower printed Shirt (S) ref. 0/3510/232/330/03 29,9912,99€



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4 thoughts on “ZARA Haul Unboxing | Sales

      1. I have the same problema! What works with me is to do a quick visit to Zara’s website the day before. Then when I go to the store is more easy to focus on what I have in mind, what I liked, and what I didn’t like. And vice-versa – I go to the store, see everything and then shop online.


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