L’Oréal Paris x Karl Lagerfeld Eyeshadow Palette

Hello beauties,

Whether you love or hate, it is impossible to be indifferent to the originality of Karl Lagerfeld. And despite the fact that this month marks a year since his death, his legacy is far from over.

This collaboration with L’Oréal Paris was announced last June, during fashion week. The result was seen in Portugal stores last October and today I will talk about the eyeshadow palette!


This makeup collection is describer as ‘rock chick’ and with a ‘sense of Parisian elegance’, by the designers. And I have to say that the packaging is indeed super sleek (which was the epitome of Karl himself) and the formula is exactly what I love and always expect from an L’Oréal product.

The complete collection consists of volumizing mascara, an eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, a compact highlight and two liquid eyeliners (‘blue-black’ and ‘rose silver’).

As I said, today I will talk about the eyeshadow palette that I received last Christmas as a present and spoiler alert, it became one of my favorite products since I tried it.

Why? One word: versatility!

But first,

The L’Oréal Paris x Karl Lagerfeld palette is composed of nine shades, a good mix of matte and shimmers.

At first glance, it does not seem to be very wearable due to the difference in the colors, but believe me, this palette is very versatile – with a black shadow (not the blackest black but also not bad) and good transition shades.

These options allow you to avoid having to use another palette to begin the look or to deepen a look. The options are immense with this palette. It doesn’t seem but the difference in colors ends up making sense, allowing the creation of daytime looks as well as nighttime looks.

The shadows are pigmented, easy to work and easily last for a working day. The shadows of L’Oréal never disappointed me when it comes to blending – and they are easy to build.

The price is also very nice and worth every cent (19,95€).

The only negative thing I can say is that the colors are not so vibrant as shown on the website. I was expecting a more vivid blue, don’t get me wrong I still love the blue, but it was not what I was expecting.

Honestly, I was a little afraid because I bought a lipstick from Karl’s collaboration with Models co. and I hated it but this collaboration with L’Oréal was a success and I understand why!

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