Oscars #2020 The killer looks (best & worst)

Hello beauties,

Oscar’s, the ceremony where all the stars ‘fight’ to win a statue, and this year was marked by some monotony. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s no host or the fact that there was no dress that made us think about selling a kidney to have it.

The highlights of the night were the musical moments, Eminem killed it, and one or two presentations that were funny. We have to say one thing, it was really sad that the Portuguese version of Elsa from Frozen was not present.

The winners were not a real surprise, even when everyone was thinking that 1917 would win the best movie, Parasite stepped up – also a good choice! Well, Brad got the expected (and waited for so many years) prize!

But let’s start with the beginning, the red carpet, where all the stars walked with ‘their best’. This year we saw a lot of metallic, capes and also something that we thought was so wrong, the “waist almost at the knees”.

We decided to divide into Best, worst and two new categories that are between the best as the worst: Almost there and the Almost there but…

The Oscars 2020 was the worst red carpet to decide, it was really difficult to be on the same page when it came to the  decision of who to put in each category, but here is the final result.

As you know there is no right or wrong in the fashion world and each one of us has different tastes, so maybe what we didn´t like can be your cup of tea, so don´t worry and enjoy it.


Brie Larson in Celine | Scarlette Johansson in Oscar De La Renta

Brie wore a dress that took 1,200 hours of hand embroidery (holy patience!) Did she look good? Like a goddess but someone save that little toe, please!

Scarlette is learning, lately, she has chosen dresses that accentuate her very well without being to much Latin bomb. Who are we kidding? She always looks like a bomb!

Natalie Portman in Dior | Adam Driver

Natalie took a black gown with sheer gold overlay but the true standout is the black floor-length cape that is embroidered with the names of all the female directors who were not nominated. Call it a feminist statement!

We decided to choose a man, because why not? We have to say that Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves were pretty good, but Adam Driver was our favorite. Also, his wife was not bad at all!

Renée Zellweger in Armani | Janelle Monáe in Ralph Lauren

Sometimes a minimal shape can be the best option and Renée is here to teach us the lesson! It’s flattering, minimal and cool. Let’s not forget that she’s 50 and her body is killing!

Janelle, oh Janelle…not everybody liked this dress but we did. It’s not usual, looks great on her and the hair/makeup is on point!




Charlize Theron in Dior | Mindy Kaling in Dolce & Gabbana

A few years ago, we could put our hands on fire even before we see the dress because we knew that Charlize was the best but lately we don’t know why but she’s not bringing nothing new. She has a body that is gorgeous and everything looks good on her but there’s somehing missing.

Mindy was a surprise, the yellow looks great on her skin color and the jewerly took it to another level. Good job, Mindy!

Regina King in Versace | Molly Sims Zuhair Murad

Regina is gorgeous, the dress has clean lines and makes wonders for her body. We don’t have anything bad to say.

We didn’t know what called our attencion on Molly’s dress (except the fact that it’s beautiful) but after seeing who is the creator…well let’s say that it’s rare a Zuhair dress that looks bad, especially on a supermodel.

Gal Gadot in Givenchy | Kelly Ripa in Christian Siriano

Gal’s dress has everything – lace, tulle, sparkling, diamonds – we liked but it’s a little too much.

When we think about Oscar’s dresses we want glamour, big dresses and something new and unique. Well, Kelly’s dress had glamour and it was big, but there was something missing.



Geena Davis in Romona Keveza | Salma Hayek in Gucci

Can you believe that Geena has 64 years old? We had to confirm. The dress was simple, elegante and had pockets. Yes, pockets! Beautiful.

Salma normally abuses the cleavage (well, she can!) but this time she decided to channel her Greak goddess and voilá…

Sigourney Weaver in Dior| Caitriona Balfe in Valentino

Sigourney has a difficult name to write but stop everything because do you know her age? 70! No more words are needed. Maybe one: Gorgeous.

Caitriona, oh Caitriona… at first glance, the dress looks horrible but then we see other angles and start to like it. Not that bad, no. The only thing that could improve this look is Sam heughan by her side, right Outlander fans??


Rebel Wilson in Jason Wu | Kaitlyn Dever in Louis Vuitton

Rebel is visibly more fit and her dress is gorgeous, the color looks so good on her, the only reason that she is not on our best category is because of the makeup/hair. That red lip is not her color.

Kaitlyn Dever color went ‘Old’ Hollywood on us and we liked it.




Black China in Dona Matoshi | Kristen Wii in Valentino

Black China didn’t disappoint us because this is her style. We didn’t expect another dress from her. She likes, we don’t.

We are still fighting because this dress can look like lasagna or bacon. What do you think?

Penélope Cruz in Armani | Margot Robbie in Chanel

Penélope, Penélope you haven’t been seen for so long and when you decided to leave the house you choose this dress? This dress? We expected more…

Margot dress looks like it came straight out of a 90’s video clip. Go see Overprotected vídeo from Britney Spears. The sleeves are exactly the same.

Sandra Oh in Elie Saab| Florence Pugh in Louis Vuitton

Sandra is so small why would she chose to use such a big dress. If we had a scissor and took some parts, it would look so much better.

Florence took a chance and the color of the dress is not bad but after so much time deciding what we liked and what we didn’t, we immediately agree that we didn’t like this dress.

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